Visiting Japanese Craftsman in Nagoya

(I know this post is kinda super late. Forgive meeee) If you are a person who loves to watch videos about Japan's daily life on Youtube, I bet you know about Rachel and Jun. Rachel and Jun is Japanese-American married couple who lives in Aichi, Nagoya. They make a lot of interesting videos about Japanese… Continue reading Visiting Japanese Craftsman in Nagoya


Imel’s & Baqi’s Big Day

Moving abroad have a lot of consequence. One of them is can not be there for your friend's wedding day. But thanks to instagram, a part of this problem can be solved a little. Even though I can not be there to completing (or annoy, lol) my friend's big moment because of the distance, at… Continue reading Imel’s & Baqi’s Big Day

Sabrina’s Farewell Lunch

If you remember my earlier post here, you may notice that I receive a lot of help from my co-worker named Sabrina. I met Sabrina at the first day I move to Japan, at our office. She is half France, half Japanese, speak both of the language fluently + her english was also beyond perfect.… Continue reading Sabrina’s Farewell Lunch