Imel’s & Baqi’s Big Day

Moving abroad have a lot of consequence. One of them is can not be there for your friend’s wedding day. But thanks to instagram, a part of this problem can be solved a little. Even though I can not be there to completing (or annoy, lol) my friend’s big moment because of the distance, at least I can see the real-time update from instagram.

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Us trying to be swag after akad 🀜🏻 . Showing off a pair of rings from @nagmajewels πŸ’ . Awalnya bingung nyari cincin karena kita berdua pinginnya sepasang cincin hitam. Kebanyakan ke jewelry store di mal nggak bisa bikin a pair of black rings. Dan kalaupun bisa, lama dan cukup mahal. . Akhirnya nyari vendor customized wedding rings di Instagram. Ketemulah sama Nagma Jewels. Setelah kontakan beberapa kali via email, akhirnya bertukar nomor WA dan kemudia ketemuan langsung sama ownernya, Mba Namira, untuk ngukur jari. . Mba Namira superrrr helpful dan baik banget. Berapa kali direcokin buat nanya-nanya material, retouch, dll tapi sabar aja loh ngadepin uwe πŸ˜‚ . Tentunya, di Nagma bisa banget menyesuaikan dengan budget yang dimiliki. Membantu sekali buat pasangan on budget macem kita berdua. . Terima kasih banyak banget nget, Mba Namira atas bantuannya πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ . . P.S: Cincin tidak terlihat hitam di foto karena…hmm…susah dijelaskan, yg jelas akan kembali jadi hitam ✨ . #baqimelstory #weddingrings

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They got married in Bandung on August 26th, exactly at Baqi’s birthday!. The venue is… errr somewhere in Lembang? But as I remember (lol), it was a beautiful open-air space with a fantastic scenery.

The circle of our friendship are now getting bigger!


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