My Current Skin Care Routine

Since I working in lifestyle area, I met a lot of people and most of them are people who have influence of their area. And looking up some standart like that, I feel the need for taking care of my appearance and not look lousy in front of people. At first, I only dress nicer (getting my self some local designer pieces – the discount one of course) and applied make up evertime I need to meet someone important, but then I realize that if you have a good skin condition, you don’t have to apply much make up on your face, and I kinda like that idea.

So I’m looking of trusted reference about how to take care of your skin (mostly from Female Daily). After reading a bunch of article and watching almost all of their video, I decided to do the Korean Layering Skin Care Routine!

The complete steps~ #die

At first I thought there’s no way I can do this routine. Too many products and too many layering to be done! But then I watch some tips and trick from one of my favorite Youtuber here, and think it’s possible to do the routine without doing all the steps that mentioned above.

So here’s my version of korean layering skin care routine. I started my skin care routine right before I move to Japan so that’s why you’re still seeing that most of the product are the Indonesian one – I bring it all to Japan!

1. Cleansing


Double Cleansing is a must! – I will start with wiping my face with cotton pad that has been soaked with BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micellar Water. I know many influencer reccomend oil cleanser, but I love the lightness of micellar water. It needs effort to clean some eye make-up of course. But I love the fact that my eye never get irritated with micellar water (My eyes are a bit sensitive, it gets irritated so easy everytime I use make up remover other than micellar water – and yes eventhough it’s oil cleanser).

I will let my face dry for a few minutes, and then go to the 2nd cleansing step, facial wash. I use Hada Labo facial wash, the Tamagohada one.

2. Toner


The Key of Balance Skin – I never care about using toner before I read the 10-steps Korean layering skin care tips. Before micellar water was exist, I will just using milk cleanser and then using facial wash. Always skip toner.

I currently use VIVA Face Tonic green tea and astrigent cucumber – The cheapest toner on earth that come with good quality. I will first using the green tea (because it was the anti-bacterial one), and then the astrigent cucumber one for tightening my pore. I didn’t use cotton pad. So i will have 4 drops of toner on my palms and tap it directly onto my face.

Once I start using it regularly, I have to admit that it has a powerful impact for balancing my skin condition.

3. Essence and Face Oil


I currently use essence for my skin rather than serum. If you are wondering, essence is some-kind-of-skincare-concentrate that is more watery-based than serum. So basically it’s easier for your skin to absord it.

I just add new family member on my skin care routine, KneippBio Oil Rose. The reason why I bought this was actually funny. I really want Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but it’s really expensive (specially in Indonesia, it’s cheaper here in Japan). So, looking for more economical solution, I’m googling what is the most important ingredient on that stuff. And then I found out that it was Roseship oil (well, it has 10 more ingredients but the biggest composition was Roseship oil). I decided to just look up if there’s some brand that selling the Roseship oil and found it on the drugstore near my house.

I give 5 minutes interval between the essence and oil because I heard that you should let the product with vitamin C absorb perfectly before applying the next layer of skincare.

So far Garnier essence make my skin look one step brighter and Kneipp Bio Oil make my face more supple.

4. Moisturizer


I was looking for The True Cream Aqua Bomb by Belif when I found out that some people on the internet was saying that Garnier have the dupe version of this product. But since this product wasn’t available in Indonesia, I have no intended to buy it. One day, I was browsing on carousell and suddenly think about this product. I type it on the search column and found it! It’s not expensive (less than IDR 100K), a new one (not pre-loved) and not a pre-order stuff so I decided to buy it! #impulsive. Later the seller told me that she just came back from America and buy too much of this product, so she decided to sell it #luckyairin.

The Aesop was a gift from Jimba. At the first week after I arrive in Japan, I help him with some working stuff on weekend and then we pass Aesop store on our way back home. I was pretending I’m not looking at the store but I can’t (HAHAHA) and then he offer me to get something from the store.

It was expensive. No more Aesop for Airin for the rest of the year (*/_\)

Things that I like from the garnier, it feels really light, giving some fresh feeling on my face. The best thing is, it didn’t make your face oily after using it.

I would like to do some separated review for the aesop, simply because it’s worth a blog post. But here’s a quick review: My skin feels more plump and the anti-oxidant slowly get my acne scars dissapear. Going to save my salary for this holy-grail product!

5. Extra Treatment


I will add another product on my skin after moisturizer, but it depends on situation. If I was in a rush, I will just skip this step and go to sunscreen. But if I had extra time, I will layering Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream in the morning, or Wardah Renew You Anti Aging Night Cream at night.

6. Protection


I never use sunsreen before having a skin care routine. I was that kind of person that believed that pigment on my colored skin should taking a good care of the UV Rays. But after give it a try using Bioderma Photoderm Max Fluide sample, I started to understand why people said sunscreen is important. Well, I can’t see through my epidermis, but it’s prevent your skin from getting dull.

Things I didn’t use:

Eye cream – I use BIODERMA Sensibio Eye Contour gel, but then I got milia under my eye so I stop using eye cream. For now I only apply the regular moisturizer cream under my eye to prevent that part from dryness.

Exfoliator – Haven’t found the suitable one and I’ve got a lot of acne on my jaw area so was taking a break from scrub. Any advice?

Mask – Living in Japan, you are spoiled by choice they give you for sheet masks. BUT they use glycerin. I know, I should kiss the sheet masks good bye.



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