Tension Pain


Two months ago, I start feeling tension pain on my neck, back of my head, and forehead. At first, I think the tension appear because I just normally tired from my daily activity, but then, it’s getting more intense.

One day, I can’t bear with the tension pain anymore and decided to get some treatment. I don’t like taking medicine, so I was think some kind of body treatment would be wonderful. Massage it is.

After 15 minutes of googling, I found out that most of therapist/spa will closed at 6 pm. It was weekdays at that time, so I have to find therapist/spa that still open until after office hours. It’s a bit hard actually to find it, but finally, I managed to find one: Martha Tilaar Spa Express in Kuningan City. I make a phone call at 5 pm to reserve a treatment at 7 pm.

They have a lot of treatment, but basically the treatment was divided into 3 categories: Body, Face, Hand & Foot. I’m having ‘Back Massage’. The description said, “Massage treatment special at the back, neck, and shoulder, for relaxation and reduce headache due it’s supporting muscle tension“. Sounds perfect.

I arrived at Martha Tilaar Spa Express on time. The therapist quickly prepared my treatment bed and then ask me to come in.


source: ferishaaresti.blogspot.co.id


Surprisingly, this is not female-only spa (I saw a guy doing foot treatment together with his wife when I enter the treatment room). But then when I saw my treatment bed, they are covered with a thick curtain so I think it’s ok.

The therapist asked me to take off my clothes, and lay off at the treatment bed. She firstly wipe my back with a warm towel and rub it with treatment oil.

And then, here goes the torturing time.

My therapist start with giving me massage from lower back to shoulder. Seems like my therapist have dinner already since she was so powerful. I was cringing a lot during the massage and pray the therapist will not stepping on my back because she probably will break my bone.

The most hurtful massage are the one from lower back to shoulder to each part of your back (right and left). The therapist will do some push and then she’s doing twisting movement when it’s almost reach your shoulder. IT HURTS SO BAD, I even crying. My therapist, probably know there is some knots that make tension on my back (Indonesian probably will say ‘uratnya ngerinkel‘), repeat the movement for many times until there’s no cracking sound on that part.


My iliocostalis thoracis was -_- it was really painful when my therapist give massage on that part. (image: http://www.painneck.com)


The other massage actually enjoyable. The therapist even use some funny wodden roller. I laughing in pain when the wodden roller reach my waist because my waist is pretty sensitive for some touches.

The back massage session lasted for 45 minutes. After the massage session is done, the therapist asked me if I want to drink hot ginger tea or cold lemon grass tea. I choose the ginger one.


I can’t find myself getting feel sleepy on this-should-be-relaxation time like the one they advertising it on those glossy magazine. But hey, my back feel so much better and the tension pain is gone!!! I also feel my bloodstream improved after the treatment.

The back massage cost IDR 108.000. I think the price is pretty much ideal. Great location, great staff (the staff are all woman), but unfortunately the spa aren’t female-only and no toilet inside the spa. Will i back to have some massage? I will! But probably will looking for another branch which have female-only option!




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