Chapter Three: Nara

I leave Osaka in the morning and moving to my next destination, Nara!

Nara is a small city between Osaka and Kyoto that was famous for it’s very-polite deer. For going to Nara, I took a JR Osaka loop line, stop at Tsuruhasi Station, and taking Kintetsu-Nara line. This train trip from Osaka to Nara took one hour.

My main destination in Nara is Nara Deer Park. This park is a home for thousands tame deer in Nara. Unfortunately, it was raining really hard that day in Nara. The deer was mostly hiding under the tree. But after the rain stop for awhile, they slowly back to the park.


Kofukuji Temple
I’m clapping my hand for calling this deer. She’s looking back and she’s scanning if I have deer biscuit or not lol.

If you are interesting to feed the deer, you can feed them with ‘Deer Biscuit’ (or cracker. I forget, lol). You can buy the biscuit from the seller around Nara Deer Park. One package of biscuit cost around 170 yen.

The deer was really friendly to the tourist, despite you feed them the deer biscuit or not. Ah ya, the building behind is Kufukuji Five Storied Pagoda.
This beautiful one come for pat-in-the-head.
FullSizeRender (6)
They are so cute and friendly!
FullSizeRender (5)
You can easily find them around the park.

If you have more time in Nara, you can also going to Todaiji Buddhist temple, Nara National Museum, Yoshikien garden, Isuen garden, Nara National Museum Buddhist Art Library, and Kasuga Taisha shrine.

By the way, I’m just doing a half day trip in Nara, so I use coin locker to keep my stuff! You can afind this coin locker on the right side of exit tap gate. The coin locker come in various size, but i use the biggest one since my luggage are pretty much large. How to use this coin locker? Open the locker, put your luggage inside, close the door, insert the coin, lock it, and then you can bring the locker’s key with you.

Cost 600 yen/use.

On the next post, I will moving to Kyoto! Stay tune on my blog!



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