Chapter Four: Kyoto – Day 2

I’m still having period cramps in the morning but I pushed myself to go out and doing something. I wash my clothes in the morning, get some food at Family Mart, and even stretching a little. I also ask Jimba how can I get medicine in Japan (just go to konbini like 7-11 or pharmacy), because I’m looking for a store that selling cataflam from Novartis, but seems like they didn’t sell it in Japan. I tell him I got period cramps, and he suggest me to get this medicine called solmac.

Actually, this is herbal medicine for hangover -_-

This herbal liquid medicine was made from a mixture of grass, leaf, liquorice, turmenic, and ginseng. It was tasted HORRIBLE lol, but it gave you a warm and comfort feeling inside your tummy. You can take this medicine before or during eating, but not after eating. This medicine is for 15 years old and above, so, not for kids.

I feel way much better after taking the medicine, so I decided to start my journey in Kyoto. I go to my hostel receptionist and buy Kyoto Bus Pass because they have one, asking about direction for going to Arashiyama, Ginkakuji, and Fushimi Inari, then I’m saying thank you and leave.

Alhamdulillah the bus stop was really close with my hostel. I take bus number 11 for Arashiyama. One hour later, I arrived at Arashiyama.

I have to admit, this is one of the most beautiful place I ever come.

Togetsu Bridge
Katsuka River
Ume flower
Way up for Arashiyama!

But my period cramps can’t take this beauty for long. It starts to be hurt again, so I go down around 4 pm. I’m not even arrived at the bamboo groove -_-

To make myself happy, I decided to have a latte at Arabica Coffee Kyoto.

It’s a small coffee shop but look at the queue……..
Inside the coffee shop
My pretty latte!

I’m going back to hostel, take more solmac, and then going back to bed. Another not lucky day, but I repay it on the next day! Make sure to read it on my next post!



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