Chapter Four: Kyoto – Day 1

From Nara, I went to Kyoto using local train on Kintetsu-Kyoto line. It tooks 1 hour because the train stop at every station. I took the train from empty, crowded, empty, crowded, empty, crowded, empty, and finally very crowded at one stop before Kyoto station.

local train to Kyoto
Kyoto Station

I’m arrived in Kyoto at the evening and straightly go to hostel. From Kyoto station, I take subway Karasuma line, which is not covered by JR Pass. I thought I have to buy ICOCA (IC card for Kansai region, just like SUICA), but surprisingly I can use my SUICA in Kyoto.

The hostel located in Kawaramachi area, pretty much strategic place because it’s close to Nishiki Market and Takashimaya if you want to do some shopping or looking for souvenirs.


I can’t go anywhere because PMS strike and I’ve got a very bad cramp. The bloody monster is coming -_-

So I just stay at hostel, drink hot tea, and eat a lot of chocolate

Not lucky.


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