Chapter Two: Osaka

On the 4th day of my trip, I decided going outside Tokyo! My first destination is OSAKA!

Hello, Shinkansen!

As a tourist, we can buy JR Pass for taking unlimited ride of Shinkansen for Hikari and Kodama train. We only can buy it outside Japan and also have to show our visa first. I bought my JR Pass on a travel agent name HIS travel. It’s quiet popular travel agent so I think you can found it in most of big cities in Indonesia.

For the 7-days JR Pass, it’s cost IDR3,400,000. Another option are the 14-days JR Pass that cost around IDR 5 million, and the 21-days JR Pass. You have to call the travel agent for that one. This price is for the Ordinary Class (Equal with Business class in Indonesia’s train). If you need more comfort, you can choose the Green Class (Equal with Executive class in Indonesia’s train).

Another note: JR Pass only available for tourist who stay less than 3 months. If you are planning to stay more than 3 months, you have to buy Shinkansen ticket on the spot like local residence.

JR Pass – Ordinary Car

How’s the system work?

When you arrived at Tokyo Station, go to ‘JR East Travel Service Center’ that located at Marounochi North gate of Tokyo Station. Show your JR Pass receipt, and the officer will give you some document to fill.

After getting your JR Pass, you can start to use it for Shinkansen and JR train. You are not entering the station from the auto gate for the IC card/printed ticket owner, but you are entering from the gate that has station officer next to it. The gate is a bit bigger than the regular one because it’s also used for difable person. Once you are entering/left the station, you have to show your JR Pass. The officer will check the expired date of our JR Pass before letting us entering the station.

I’m arrived at hostel around 2 PM. Having lunch first and then start the journey!

Osaka Castle

My first destination is Osaka Castle. When I arrived at Osakajokoen station, I saw a lot of teenager gathering in front of Osakajo concert hall. Found out that SHINEE (this is the Korean boyband, right?) are about to having concert at that place.

Osaka Castle
Matcha soft serve ice cream. 8 degree weather don’t careee.


And then I’m going to Namba, visiting the Glico Man and enjoying walking around Dotonbori.

Visiting the Glico Man
Mr. Crab, is that you?
I’m hungry just by seeing this restaurant sign 😐
Creepy octopus XD
The queue for this sushi bar is amazing!
Creo-ru Halal Takoyaki
Nom nom nom!

I have to say I get culture shock a little when I’m travelling to Osaka. First, people are standing on the right side of escalator. Second, the people in here was really warm! It feels like I’m in Jakarta, not Japan. No wonder I can find a lot of South East Asian tourist in here. The culture are well-matched!

I only stay a day in Osaka and moving to another city at the next day! Until we meet again, Osaka!


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