Chapter One: Tokyo – Day 3

At my third day in Tokyo, I’m going to Tokyo Camii because I’m having responsibility to bring social charity from my partner, Dauky Fashion.


My freezing face -_-

Local Japanese visiting Tokyo Camii.
It’s good to be back!

I will make a special post about my social charity with Dauky Fashion! Please stay tune on my blog!

It was really often I out of battery while in Japan because I use instastory google maps a lot. So when this happen, I’ll stop at the nearest cafe and charge my phone.


One hot royal milk tea for 30 minute charging.


And then I’m having dinner with Jimba and we’re going to Mori art museum at night. They have special exhibition from N.S. Harsha, an artist from India. He’s elaborate story about his hometown using painting and mix media.


Nation – N.S. Harsha
On one of his documentation video, Harsha show that he made all of the painted shirt together with a lot of kids.
79-foot painted loop.


Mori Art Museum should be on your list if you want to have an art trip in Tokyo. They also have special ticket package if you also want to visit the skydeck on the top of building.

On the next post, I will be leaving Tokyo for a very first time! Can you guess which city I’m going to?



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