Chapter One: Tokyo – Day 2

On my second day in Tokyo, I went to Koishikawa Botanical Garden in Bunkyo. This garden operated by University of Tokyo. The ticket for entering this garden is 400 yen.

If you saw my instastory back at the time I visit this garden, you see that I turn to the wrong pathway. I should turn right after seeing the garden wall, but I turn to the left, walking until I find a building called Fireman’s house, and a road sign that was placed right there told me I should walk 700 meters more for reaching the entrance gate.

OH WELL IT’S ONLY 700 METERS MORE TO GO, as I told to my feet for making them happy.

Actually, this place is really nice to sit down and drawing all day. I should bring my watercolor kit next time.

I’m here for the glass house by unfortunately it’s closed down for renovation. So, I just walking around for finding something interesting.

Pink tree on my eyesight!
The weather is around 8 degree and this tree is BLOOMING. How amazing is that! Btw, this is sakura, right? XD
Closer look! All the 700 meters wrong pathway walk is finally worth it hahaha!

After seeing this flower, I was greeted by a beautiful France lady! We are having conversation about this garden and end up going around together. She’s a teacher and clearly love to explain everything because as we walk, she told me this tree is for this, that tree is for that. Basically, she’s becoming my garden encyclopedia (but I really appreciate it! XD)

Ginko tree
The pathway to the garden’s pond is amazing even though is winter and everything is almost dry. Wish we had garden like this in Indonesia.
She’s so on fire showing me all the part of this garden. She’s living near this garden and love to bring her child playing in here.
Koishikawa Botanical Garden in winter.
I love garden so much, always try to visit one while I’m abroad!
Hungry fish!
The ume (plum) flower, the white one.
Still ume flower, the fuschia one.

This garden are closed at 4.30 pm. I stay until the garden is closed and then straightly going back to hostel. I literary pass out when I’m laying on my bed. Wake up at 9 pm and everything is about to close. My weak body -_-



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