Chapter One: Tokyo – Day 1

The first city on my trip: Tokyo!

This is my 3rd time visiting Tokyo. But still, I get lost for a few times, walking to the wrong direction, failed to understand google maps direction, and running out of phone battery.

I’ve made it to this place on my first day in Tokyo:

Kaminarimon Gate

I only taking pictures in front of Kaminarimon gate because it’s so crowded. I already went inside on 2015 so I think it’s okay to just pass by for this time.


Everyone want to take selfie with the giant lampion.

Ginza Itoya

This is a 12-floor stationery store that located in Ginza. You can buy paper, pen, postcard, DIY stuff, art stuff, some cute tote bag, and everything-related-with-stationary-stuff in here. They also organize some craft workshop every once in a while.




For stationary lovers, this place is basically HEAVEN.


Somebody need a piece of paper?


If you want to buy paper in here, pick some of the paper samples and bring it to the nice lady behind the glass wall. She will back with the A4 size paper version from your choice.


Everything is sorted by color. I die in happiness.
Every paper has different texture and thickness.
I need all!

Miyazaki Clock

It’s really a struggle for finding this clock because it’s hiding inside Nippon Television Tower area. Almost give up because I was walking back and forth around Shiodome for 45 minutes and didn’t find it. One my way to Tochodame station, I was sightseeing to my left and right side (or in indonesian, we called it celingukan :p), and then when my head turn to right, I see some steampunk thingy that made me stop and screaming inside OH WAIT I CHECK IT FIRST FOR A MINUTE.

This clock is really HUGE I drop my jaw when I saw it with my own eyes.

This clock was designed by Hayao Miyazaki and created by Sachimaru Kunio. The weight was 28 tons, 10 meters tall and 18 meters wide, and took 4 years of work.

The windup hours are:
– Monday to Friday 12:00 15:00 18:00 20:00
– Saturday and Sunday 10:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 20:00
The show starts 3 minutes and 45 seconds before each hour.

Seems like there’s a variety show doing recording at that time, because there are a lot of camera man and some people are gathered to see this yellow creature that I defined it as a chicken.


Anybody can explain to me why this chicken is so famous?

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

At the end of the day, I went to see Tokyo from above at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Not the best view I have to admit, but it’s free so I can’t complain hehehe.

Sunset in Tokyo, beautiful as always (if only the glass reflection wasn’t there -_-).
The skydeck is 360 degree so you can move around take the cityscape picture from a lot of side.


That’s all for day one! My feet are so pegal and sengklak but still made it!






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