Flying with ANA

I’m flying with ANA on Sunday. It’s my first time and I’m very excited to fly with the only Japanese airlines that was on SKYTEAM.

Did I mention that I’m flying with the Starwars Jet?




I’M FREAKING EXCITED when i saw the plane. I took a lot of picture, but it was really dark outside so the picture wasn’t really nice.


The other persons who get excited are the nerd guys. When we are entering the plane, they playing Starwars Main Theme soundtrack for greet us! We are going to Japan right? I’m excited but also a bit worried the plane will took us to some inter-galactical war!

The service itself was excellent! I’m having halal meal option and the first thing the stewardess do when I was seated is confirming my reservation. After that, she put a MOML (Moslem Meal) sticker on the top of my seat. After the plane take off for a while, the stewardess give us snack and mine was given very first among others, so does on meal time.

The in-flight entertainment was quite update, they have Bridget Jones Diary on hollywood movie list. I was watching Stork at meal time. I also love how ANA stewardess walking across the passenger every 15 minutes, just to look up if anybody need something.

The only thing that was annoying me a bit is the meal time. They give us food on 5AM Japan’s time. That means 3AM at Indonesian’s time. Is it sahur? hehehe.

ANA Moslem Meal

The chicken looks a bit dry, but actually it’s good! They tasty! I think it would be nice to be eat with sauteed vegie  rather than the boiled one.

The flight took 7 hours, and we are arrived in Haneda on 7AM in the morning. Before landing, the stewardess give us boarding certificate as we took the Starwars Jet.


It’s really nice to fly with ANA! 4.5 from 5 because the one who said goodbye to the passenger was Yoda, not R2-D2! Maybe he’s busy serving in Business Class? lol!


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