Going Back

I will flying to Japan in the next 11 hours!

What’s remind you of a country? For me, it’s the smell of air around and the train station speaker’s announcement sounds. In Tokyo, they have a soft-spoken lady voice with a cute tone as the announcer sound, complete with a small-but-a-lot bell’s ringing sound. That’s where I get that “Ooooh I’m back!” moment.

I never thought I will be this attach to Japan. I mean, it’s on my must-visit-places-before-I-die list. But I have no idea that I will go almost every year.

I’ve got sooooooooo much help from my friend when I’m planning this trip. I really want to mention the name one by one but really scared they will be mad at me. But really, From passport, airplane ticket, to JR Pass, I’ve got friends who help me. Allah SWT sent me angels in a form of a friend! May Allah SWT bless them and reward them with something bigger! Amen!

This time, I’m having 13 days trip. I’ll visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya. Planning to get Shinkansen and already buy the JR Pass! Since it’s going to be my first time using that bullet-train, please pray that everything will be smooth for me!

Somehow it looks like submarine eh? 

If you have come to Japan once, I think you’ll be having the desire to going back like me. So, get your passport and give a try! hehehehehe.


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