My E-Passport Application Got Rejected

my current passport

Yeah, you heard me. The luck isn’t on me last Friday. I wake up super early, around 2.30 AM, and getting ready for applying new passport at 4.30 at East Jakarta Immigration office.

Why you have to do all of this stuff before the sun comes up? Since the Indonesian Immigration launching it’s online service for applying a new passport or renewal your old one, they cut down numbers of walk-in passport applicants to push people doing the online one. They didn’t mention the exact numbers, but they tell us that they have add extra number for people who applying passport using their online service. And they will considering the online applicants since they are already have fix schedule to do interview, photo, etc. Once the quota was full by the online applicants, the walk in one have to go back and queueing again tomorrow. The walk in queue will reach 100 people around 7AM. So if you do walk in and coming late, you better come back tomorrow.

Unfortunately, if you want to have e-passport (electronic passport), you have to do the walk-in. I’m going to make e-passport and I have to do the walk in applicants. I arrive in Immigration office around 4.45AM, surrounded by mosquitos and sleepy walk-in passport applicants. Everything look fine at first, I even still have time to photocopy my old visas incase I need it someday.

When they called the walk in applicants one by one, I’m so ready with my document. I have my old passport, Kartu Keluarga (Family Card), Kartu Tanda Pengenal (Indonesian ID Card), Birth Certificate, and my Ijazah as additional document incase they reject my birth certificate (which is always happen. Found out they only receive document with Garuda visual on it, even though my birth certificate was been seen + stamped by Sydney Consulate General).

So I lined up, and check up my document once again while waiting my turn.

And then the officer said I have to attach my airline ticket if the reason I want to change my passport into the e one is for traveling to Japan.

I get blank for a sec.

How come.

I’m walking out from the queue line, but i still walking around that immigration room, with headache.

I always do airline ticket purchasing by myself so I’m 100% sure you need to put your passport number when you are purchasing the ticket.

Some airlines only let you change schedule, but i never heard they let you change the data. You have to do the refund, and purchase another ticket after that. Even if they let you change something, they will charge you some additional fee. I have change schedule for my lion air departure ticket to Singapore, and they charge me 25% of the ticket price. Everything is depends on the airline rules. My desired airline, ANA, they let you re-issue the ticket, but not for ticket that was purchased via website. And my plan, is going for the website one because they have the best offer.

I have a big question mark on my head, if i go to buy the ticket first, is that mean my passport number will not changes? I deserve a clear information, right? I’m asking the security officer right there where should I go to for asking that question. So I’m queue-ing again for asking my question.

And then I get scolded by one of the immigration officer because they think I’m a person who suddenly came up to this immigration room and lined up.


Of course I didn’t say that, don’t worry -___-

Instead, I put my document in front of him and with a flat tone explaining my problem and make a highlight on so-if-I-have-to-buy-the-ticket-first-is-that-mean-my-passport-number-will-not-change.

The officer told me to go to the customer service, which is make me have to repeat my question. The CS staff go to the officer that reject my application (not the scolded one), and then the CS staff came to with answer I should go to travel agent and issued a ticket (If i didn’t get her wrong, she mean the dummy one).

I haven’t sleep from 2.30 AM, and it’s 7.30 AM now on Immigration office. So I’m going back home, sleep first, and then text my friend who work in immigration what’s wrong with my applications.

She explain to me it has some relation with Undang-undang (don’t know it’s suppose to be called regulation or laws) Permohonan Pelayanan Paspor. There is a few condition someone can ask for a passport: for the one who never make passport before, for the one who want to renewal her/his passport, for the one who lost/broke his passport, and for the one who run out of passport page.

And in my conditions, my passport is still valid until 2020, so no undang-undang was supporting my conditions.

But I still want e-passport! I mean it’s really flexible I didn’t have to be extra worried about visa, and I can buy ticket 3 days before and still can fly like a champ (Last time I have to fly to Japan, I have to do the visa exactly 4 days before my departure flight. It’s monday and I have to fly to Tokyo on Friday. My visa application get rejected on Monday so I have to postpone my departure flight for 3 days. That’s why I want this e-passport + japan visa waiver for my own trip).

So How?

I still can ask for e-passport if I can provide my dummy ticket (I can feel I should provide return ticket). So I will go to travel agent, probably HIS on fx sudirman, and asking if they can provide me the dummy one.

I’ll look for dummy ticket on Sunday or Monday, and try to apply my e-passport on Tuesday.


Pray for me! ><


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