This week

I think we have a busy week right after the boss fly back to Japan. We  are having Moeslema Curator Meet Up Batch II on Sunday, and then straightly back to work on Monday after that.

I was feel a little bit ill on Sunday night, but then I feel better on Monday morning, so i keep going to the office at noon.

I make a product review about skin care product that Jimba give to me on that day, read it in here Aesop The Avid Explorer Seasonal Gift Kit Review ! I made a really nice photo for this review so hopefully you enjoy the article 😎

On Tuesday I’m finishing Moeslema’s Media Kit. I don’t know why I can’t focus really well when i work in moeslema’s room yesterday. So instead working on my own table, I moved to the wooden floor next to the stairs and working from there.

I will sent out a package for my friend Meryem today. She is going to have wedding ceremony next month! So excited! I already pack the package i will sent to her. But yeah, you know how I’m not good in packing a stuff, so i think i should fix it a little before I sent out this package. Meryem, if you read this post, your package basically will be a mummy that made from brown tape, so I apologize in advance if you find it’s hard to open it 😂

I firstly thinking to use TIKI for sent out Meryem’s package. But then when I read reviews on the internet, everbody said that TIKI are now not having a good reputation anymore. Does it true guys? I usually just use TIKI if I bought something online, but I’m the one who receive the stuff so I didn’t worry that much. But in this condition, when I’m the one who’s going to sent out stuff, I find myself in doubt when i read bad review in the internet. So I change the plan and just using Pos Indonesia.

I’m scheduling myself to create 2 website page on Thursday, and if everything work well, it should be done on time.

I’m planning to make my e-passport on Friday since office will be closed on that day in occassion of demo. I need to copy all my document in A4 paper first, which I haven’t 😅

And then going to Bandung on Saturday for watching Yuna with Wardah Beauty!

I’m going to hibernation on Sunday, so my energy will be back on Monday 😴😴😴

So that’s my past and ahead planning for this week! Hope you are also have a wonderful week guys!


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