The Macbook Stories


The macbook that i use for working everyday, suddenly black out and didn’t want to turn on.

I’m trying to be cool. Maybe it’s just the battery. I push the power button once again, this time i hold it for a few second.


What was that…


Hey! What happen!


*Typing on google ‘when your macbook black out and have alarm sound’*

The result is a lot. It can be your memory, your RAM, or etc. I’m not expert on this so I called Rey. We watched some video in youtube to see how people take care of this issue and our diagnosis is maybe something happen with the memory.

I bring the macbook to Apple Authorized Service Center in Menteng Central. I get my number and waiting around 30 minutes.

Customer service: So your macbook is black out?
airin: Yes
Customer service: With beeping sound?
airin: Yes
Customer service: *turn on the laptop and it works like normal*


I’m speechless, really really really speechless. How can you do this to me! The customer service looking at me like, dude your laptop is okay don’t freak out.

But to make sure everything is okay, i ask the customer service to double check everything. When she’s just about to bring the macbook inside the service area, the screen have some glitch. She told me this might be serious and i was breathe really really deep and cross my finger hope everything is okay.

But it’s not. It has a really serious problem inside. I bring the macbook back to office, back up all the data with external hard disk, and going back to the service center tomorrow.


The macbook fixed in 10 days (found out that they have to send the spare part from Singapore). When I sent the macbook for repairing, I told them please do re-format the macbook if you need it because i already back up all the data.

But when I get the macbook out, I found out they are not re-format it. My macbook storage is almost full last time I check it and it makes the processor run a bit slowly. And then the customer service suggest me to re-format the macbook.


I ask her is that mean I should pay extra for re-format the macbook. She said yes and it’s cost 20$. I’m so lazy to dealing with another bill so i pass the offer.

I’m going back to office after getting the macbook and asking Rey if he can re-format the macbook. We’re back watching youtube and found a way to do factory reset. We try it, but then I completely forget that factory reset means the macbook will back to earlier OSX, Lion.

We. already. erase. all. the. data.

To complete my day, internet suddenly decided to be so chill and slow, makes the downloading additional components takes 4 hours 19 minutes. And then I remember that I saw ‘Use Time Machine Back Up’ before the downloading process start. I decided to cut the download process and just use the back up.


The process itself takes 3 hours, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Thanks God Reza is still in office for working until that hour so I’m not alone.


I still trying to making space in the storage so I clean up most of the data. But when i check the storage, 149 GB of the macbook data is ‘backups’.  I don’t know what kind of backup is this, so i googling it. I didn’t get specific answer, but they said it was temporary data that created when i sleep the macbook (they called it ‘sleepimage’). *please correct me if i’m wrong with this, not a tech expert lol*

To cure this problem, go to Launch pad > Utilities > Terminal, and type this command:

sudo rm /private/var/vm/sleepimage

you will be asked your macbook password.

and then the mysterious large file is gone! It took a little time like 30 minutes, but yeah, that works! The macbook finally have another 250GB free space!

This macbook stories became my biggest lessons in 2016. The customer service can’t give a statement/clear explaination why the inside part broken. So I just can assume, this is because i use the macbook in long hours for doing heavy task. I should never force anything for working too hard, and that’s including the tools i used everyday. Always give your machine a time for proper rest guys!

Hopefully you didn’t have to experience what i’m experience right now.

because it’s freaking expensive *crying*



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