How I Do It

My Morning

My morning usually start at 5:15 AM. I woke up, doing my morning prayer, and then making a cup of cappuccino. I will sipping my coffee while watching tv (First Look Asia on Channel News Asia) or simply browsing about what’s trending right now on the internet.

My morning coffee time is very crucial and sacred and my all day mood depends on that. After that, I will breakdown what should i do in a day. If there is a work that should be done immediately, I prefer to finish it before i’m going to the office. I rarely have breakfast, which is bad.

My Work

At first being graphic designer in Moeslema, I’m working as a regular graphic designer. I make website banner, instagram poster, fixing some photos, and any regular things that graphic designer do. But, on my second month working in here, I took over the communication for the IT part. Little did I know I was assigned to revamp moeslema website and creating Islamic Trip website after that. It was super challenging experience yet enrich my knowledge about how a stuff was made. There’s a lot of conversation done on 2AM, hundreds of approval, doing trial and error, keep in touch with the team about new progress, reading google analytics data, and in the mean time still working as a normal graphic designer, oh I also write some article! That’s a lot of work!

I usually arrived at the office at 11AM, have some lunch, and straightly work. The break I took is only for praying, around 10 to 15 minutes for each prayer (dzuhur, ashar, and maghrib). The office usually closed at 7PM and I will continuo working on coffee shop until 9.30 PM. After that, I’m going back home. I will arrived around 10.30 or 11 PM, continuo work until 1 or 1.30 AM, doing my night (or so called early morning) skin care routine, and then go to sleep!

What Work Has Taught Me

A lot of people think it’s very cool to work on a start up company. I would like to say no matter where you work, big, small, start up company, if you don’t amanah at work, there’s nothing to be proud of. Don’t work on start up because it sounds cool. Work it because you have a big desire for build something.

On the first day we are moving to our new office, I’ve being asked why I started working immediately when the office itself isn’t ready yet. Well… I have a chair, I have a table, I have internet, I have electricity, the air conditioner is on, so I have no reason for not working. Even if the office isn’t ready yet, there’s a starbucks on the ground floor where i can work. I’m trying not to sweating over small things when it comes to working facility.

Best Advice

Never stop learning! I do believe life is about transforming yourself to be a better version! Be open for the sake of yourself and learn new things, it was a really good investment. You may not seeing the result instantly but I’m sure you will be thankful you have experience a lot of things so you can be prepared for future!

Also, never fear anything but Allah SWT! I might be so rare to say this but I always make du’a after praying to Allah SWT, to give me extra strength, to give me extra courage, and to always give me health, in running my daily life.

Always find a good balance in your life!

I need to work on this one -_-

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