Getting Older

I turn 25 18 last week!

With Moeslema Team (Haris also have a SAME birthday date with me). Left to right: Dian, Mika, Riana, Erissa, Fanny, and Novie. Tyan was out for getting some stuff from Tebet’s office 😦
With GRID Indonesia Team. Right to left: Mas Teguh, Dimas, Haris, mbak Nana, Riana (she’s basically everywhere), Reza, and Rey.
Loving the Paddle Pop Theme cake!

So, here’s the story: I have no idea at first that Moeslema team prepare a surprise for me and Haris. I bring doughnuts for everyone in the morning, drop it to both Moeslema + GRID Indonesia office, and then go back to work. I have a few things to prepare because we are going to have important meeting on 1PM.

As we are going to have meeting on 1PM, I’m doing my dzuhur prayer earlier than usual. We have a small room under the stairs as a praying area. It’s 2×2 and it has a opaque-glass wall for separate it with another area. I’m wearing Dian’s mukena (prayer garment) for praying because I didn’t bring mine.

On my second rakaat, I see people walking go back and forth through the stairs. And then (blame me for not being khusyu on my prayer, LOL) I heard they are talking, where’s airin, did she out for lunch, did she still sit on her place, etc. As the glass wall was not sound-proof, I hear everything and trying so hard to be focus on my prayer. I even bite my own tongue so I didn’t laugh, LOL. But then seems like they realize who is praying on the prayer room and go upstairs.

I go back to Moeslema’s office and continuo working. My friend send me a lunch box so my attention was switched to my birthday lunch #soeasytodistract.

Roti Cane Keju Susu + Mie Aceh Goreng Daging + Es Teh Tarik from Mie Aceh Seulawah! A blessed birthday girl!!!

I go back to work until being called to go upstairs for meeting. And then… tadaaaaa! Fanny and Mika showed up from the meeting rooms bathroom bring cake and candle!

Haris got a Red Velvet cake and I’ve got Cream Cheese cake.

Of course, first thing first: Making instagram stories about this LOL. Then I get my camera downstairs and take a picture of everything. The meeting was a lie btw hahahaha #lookimadedicatedpersonatworklol #nicelytrappedwhentheysayitwasameeting

Who eat the chocolate block on the corner?!
Pardon my hello kitty bedsheet lol

On the next morning, I’ve got a group call from Grace, Dewa, and Irvan. These 3 guys already calling me from 1AM on 8th October, but I already sleeping + I always make my phone in silent mode so I didn’t pick it up. They are so loud for 7AM lol, but thanks for the phone call guys! Wish we could have meet up together in near future!

I feel so blessed on this birthday! Thank you Moeslema and GRID team who make my day! Thank you kak meutia for sending me a lunch! Thank you Grace, Dewa, and Irvan for the phone call! Thank you for everyone who send message on whatsapp, LINE, facebook, you all make my day! Airin is a happy 25 18 years old!


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