Things to be Grateful This Week

1. I Won Wardah #CantikDariHati Blog Competition!

I really didn’t see it coming! I mean yeah, I’m blogging a lot this year, both in moeslema and in my personal blog, so probably that’s why I’m getting used with writing nowadays. But i really didn’t expecting I win a blog competition! I saw the blog competition since it was on moeslema top page, the topic was nice, I think I can work on it, and it works Alhamdulillah!

For my article, I was inspired with daily life around me. People are easily complaining, being ungrateful about things they’ve got in life; which is I think wasn’t so nice because everyone have it’s own rezeki. That’s why, I think it will be nice if I make article that make us remember that you should be grateful about what you have. You can read article here.

I have no idea I will win this competition because there’s a lot of participant joining this contest, and I was like, “Seriously do I have a chance?”. You should see my face when I heard my blog name was called. MY JAW WAS DROPPING OMG #notelegantladyatall #notbeingbrandrepresentativeinthenext10years

I’ve got a new cameraaa!
FullSizeRender (1)
Make up stock until next year, check!
Ita coming all the way from Bandung for today’s event!

2. I Still looked like a College Student

It was the abang bajaj who drop the line! I was so late on wednesday and took bajaj from my house to Kampung Melayu. I was about the give him the money when he asked me

“Kuliah dimana neng?”

I am 24 yo, going to be 25 next month, have almost 3 year working experience, and voila! people still think i was a college student! But it’s completely okay, it’s just… funny sometimes. Maybe the way i dress up is too casual or i wear jeans too much lol

3. Not a lot of GD work this week

Moeslema team are going to Jogja for continuing the roadshow, but me and fanny was stay at the office. I didn’t have so much works since I already done it before the roadshow start. The perks of being graphic designer! Always being the first person who drowning at works, but also the one who get so chill on the event day since works are done already *dancing*

That’s why, I switched my brain into blogger mode and finishing some article for this week. When you work on start-up, you have a job title with description on it, but sometimes you have to be ready do other works from any department because sometimes you are the one who should get down and dirty, and get the job done. At this time I always said to myself ‘Because you are awesome people who make it happen’, apparently, that cheesy mantra works lol!

4. Eye Opening Conversation

I’m watching Kak Igun fashion show last Friday. I was thought the event was a fashion-show only but I find out it was a wedding exhibition! I didn’t plan any wedding soon so hmm this is so awkward for me hahaha. But it was nice because all of them was top decorator/florist/jewelry/everythingthatyouneedtomakeyouronceinalifetimedreamasabridecometrue was there so I’ve got a lot of beautiful object to take picture for getting used with my new camera! Things I regret is I didn’t bring my name card so I can offer my illustration service to the wedding invitation vendor #stillthinkingaboutbusiness.



When it’s almost 7pm I’ve got myself seated on one of those Ritz-Carlton black velvet sofa. There’s a seat for invitation, but I didn’t wear nice clothes since I just get back from work so I think I just seated or stand somewhere with the commoners.

Fashion show always start late at least 30 minutes from schedule and seems like the person next to me was have no idea what to do so she start talking to me. She tell me she is from a magazine, a Bollywood magazine to be specific. Oh wow, I have a feeling this conversation will be interesting.

And yes, she told me a lot of thing (I basically just nodding all the time because she’s talking non-stop lol). That’s the advantage for me because I absorb a lot of information she’s giving to me. I work in a niche segment and always trying to be open minded about how to take care my niche. The segment may be different, but hey, we still can get idea how to take care our niche from the other niche, even though the treatment may be different. Don’t worry, I also giving her some knowledge about fashion show as return!

So, that how’s my week so far! How about you? Did you have a good week?

If you don’t have or feel good this week, don’t worry, you still have another week ahead! Time to make some improvement! Wohoo!

Wish you have a wonderful week!



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