My First Yukata

When I walking inside woman section in Uniqlo ION Orchard, my foot step was stopped by a tall, floor length, non-body-wrapped clothes that worn by one of a mannequin. I look closer and firstly think it was an outer!

But no, it’s not an outer, it’s a yukata!


Yukata is a Japanese a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric. Yukata are worn by man or woman, but the one uniqlo have is for woman. I never thought about wearing or having a Yukata before, so I was staring in front of the mannequin and considering to buy it or not. I think since I’m working in a company that was directly related with Japan, it was good for having a Yukata. I haven’t figuring out really clear, but maybe one day we can make a cute photo booth and people can wear Yukata as a costume. Unfortunately it was my last day in SG, and at that time I was running out of SGD and the price is 79SGD (which is not on my budget because I only budgeting my money for museum and aquarium – no personal fashion shopping expenses allowed lol), so I ended up didn’t buy it.

Months later, I found the Yukata still hanging in Uniqlo Lotte Shopping Avenue with a super discount price! I’m not thinking twice to buy one for myself!


The yukata came in 3 separated parts: The kimono, the obi, and 2 thin white sash. Parts of Yukata itself have unique names. There is a print that comes with the yukata that explain each name of the parts to help you understand it.

Btw, I recommend you to keep your yukata like how uniqlo do it. Fold it. Do not hanging it like a bath robe. The hanger will leave a shape on the shoulder area, which is not really nice.

It’s so hard to decided which one I liked the most. I like the white with stripes but so afraid I will look so kusam because my skin are tan. I really like the blue one because it comes with a red obi, so it makes a good contrast. But, the flower pattern are roses. I like roses, but hmm maybe not this time because I’m looking for some classic beauty and I think the stripes will works.

Not really sure about the color at first, but it turns good when i wear it!
Maybe I’ll buy this one next time because I really love the deep blue color!

I wear the yukata for yesterday event. Surprisingly, it’s not stifling as I was expecting! I was helped by Fanny to wearing the yukata and tie-ing the obi, and Nanami-san helped for tidying up a bit.


The lemon tea seller was asking me if i working in Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ that being one of main sponsor of yesterday event hahaha.
This is how to wear the yukata.
This is how to tie the obi.

You can also watch the video tutorial from UNIQLO here.

Let me give you a sneak peak. The person who do the tutorial must have wearing yukata and make the obi for 14372 times because she’s doing really smooth and make it look really easy. Meanwhile, I was staying until 1 AM, have no idea how to fold the obi, make a nice bow, and not making a mess when i turn the bow parts to my back XD


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