Anti-Aging Skincare

G: It’s not suppose to be named anti-aging if we wear it after 30
Me: Then, what do you think it should be
G: Youth revert, hohoho
Me: Niceee

Me and G are friend since college. We stick and do stupid things like minions in Minions The Movie. We can talk about anything, but mostly we are talking about SKINCARE. The most sacred topic that ever invented in girls conversation.

Me and G are different type of skincare buyer. I’m a person who don’t mind spend a little bit more for skincare stuff, but I have to read 4678 product review before to make sure I made the right purchasing. Also, i will use the skincare until it’s very last drops and not buying additional product before my skincare bottle is empty. On the other side, G loves to make small purchasing by buying a lot of skincare product in a small package. Usually, It’s end up she have too much skincare on her make up desk hahaha.

Yesterday, G are suddenly text me. She is asking when should we start using anti aging product. Surprisingly, I was having the same question in my mind (our brain some how related). I’m thinking to try some anti aging product, but still not sure on what age we should start. A lot of people say you should go after 30, but one of our favorite beauty blogger said you have to start early since the condition are now different and we are facing pollution, stress, lack of sleep etc etc etc.

I’m looking for review and advice, so does G, and we are agree we should start LATER. Between 25 or 30, we are agree to start using anti-aging skincare on 27.5 yo! #mywalletcouldbreatheeasilyrightnow #phewwwthebigpurchasinghasbeencanceled


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