Saying goodbye to my old phone

After a  very long struggle with my LG, finally everything come to the end.

Yesterday morning, I want to post something on my instagram, when suddenly my phone shutdown without prior notification (not low battery, system problem, etc). It’s automatically black out when I’m typing my instagram caption. I took the battery off, pick the sim card off, and then put everything back on place.

No result, still black out. I try it for 3 times and finally the LG logo comes on the 4th times, but then it’s written ‘Security error’ upside-down on my screen.

Well, yeah, it’s definitely time to get the new one.

I just had meet up with Imel a day before and for 1432 times she tell me I should get a new phone. When I text her using LINE for desktop, telling her my phone is broken, she said “Finally you have a reason for buying a new phone!”.

Things that I regret is I haven’t back up any contact. I definitely will be an annoying person who direct-messages everyone on instagram and asking for his/her phone number because I lost all of my contact.

For me, buying some electronic devices is one special case. I always use my electronic devices until it’s very-last-breathe, either phone or laptop. If I still can use my devices for my basic needs, the struggle is not over yet LOL. But yeah, the time has come and finally I bought a new phone. My old phone last for 4 years, and I’m expecting the new one could be last for same time.


Now, since all of my devices have name, I need a name for my new phone. Any advice?


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