Not Losing The Game

Yesterday, me and la familia went to Ecopark Ancol. On our way back home, we are passing through WTC Mangga Dua.

If you are a 90’s kids living in Jakarta, you are probably familiar with Mangga Dua. This area was once a well-known shopping center in North Jakarta. A place where all the computer freak go every weekend.

I’ve bought my first macbook in Mangga Dua around 2009, in a store called ‘Le Galleria’. This is how the store look right now:


It’s really sad to see some offline store go bankrupt. I read online articles about the drowning of Mangga Dua and it’s caused by: 1. The fame of online selling nowadays, 2. The big electronic retailer bring stuff closer to public, place their store in a huge mall where everybody comes on weekend, and also they come with better offer (installment, guarantee, etc).

In the fast world we’re living in, those who can’t stand with change, will die.

I didn’t want to die.

Let’s not losing the game.



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