How’s Your Eid?

Hi guys! We just passed two day full of celebration don’t we? Let me tell you about my Eid! Yay!

We (Me+family) just stay in Jakarta this year. We’re doing our prayer on a basketball field near our house together with the neighbor. The Eid prayer start at 7AM, but i wake up at 4AM. I go straight to the bathroom the minute after i was awake for washing my hair, because I have coconut oil hair treatment the night before. I was planning to wash my hair before I’m going to bed at first, but unfortunately I fell asleep really fast and waking up like: oh-crap-it’s-4AM-already, LOL.

After I wash my hair, I’m doing Subuh prayer and going back to my laptop. I haven’t sent my Eid greetings for Moeslema Team article, and also haven’t made the Moeslema Eid greeting card to Fanny, so I’m rushing creating those two before the sun comes up. Then I pick my my clothes for Eid prayer. It’s really recommended to wear your best clothes on Eid prayer!


Wear your best clothes doesn’t mean you have to wear everything new. I wear a white blouse that i have owned since my college days, simply because I like it. And a purple satin skirt that i bought a year ago. I decided to add a bag from my previous client as accessories for my #ootd and post it on instagram. They are really happy to see it, alhamdulillah!

After done with the Eid prayer, we’re going to my Grandpa house in Depok. This Grandpa was my Grandma younger brother from my Father side. He is the one who had snapchat btw, LOL.

We’re arrived on 12.30 at my Grandpa house. My mom made signature family dish called ‘Soto Banjar’, so we all have to bring the dish from the car to the kitchen first, then we left it to the house helper, and going to the living room to meet my Grandpa.

My cousin when I entering the living room: “Where’s the Soto? We’re waiting for it!”

Oh hi there, nice to see you too -___- #ofcourseitsajoke #weloveeachotherdontworryaboutit

It’s a little awkward to eat on Eid because your tummy still get used in fasting-mode. So we eat little by little and in a small portion. Besides Soto Banjar, we also have Gulai Kambing and Opor Ayam. There’s also cookies, brownies, and peanuts for snacks.

Eid are perfect time for family-bonding and ours was super simple. We just sit together and exchange our life story. The age range between me and my cousins are pretty close so there is no generation gap. The girls are mostly college student or newbie employee, also with the boys. But unfortunately this year, the boys aren’t here for having Eid with us because ALL OF THEM except one, was in study. Two of them in Yogya because they are study medicine and having residency rotation (Doctors education are über-heavy). One more is in Australia to get his master degree. Brainy guys ckckck. Wish i had 20% of their brain!

On the 2nd day of Eid, we went to another-Grandpa house in Simprug. We are having lunch together while watching anything on TV. At first we watch Kung Fu Panda 2, and when the movie finished we moved to History channel and watching something about Nostradamus, and then we moved to AXN and find out there is American Ninja Warrior.

I saw a lot of short video about American Ninja Warrior on facebook, but I never watch it full on AXN. And you know what, sports are always good ice breaker. We are (well, the girls) suddenly start shouting ‘aaaaaaah!’ and screaming ‘noooooo’ when the warriors was fell down to the water. The house that was pretty quiet at first, change to be like a football stadium in a minute LOL.

So, that is my Eid guys! It’s not really hectic but I really enjoy it! How’s yours? Hopefully you have such a beautiful Eid wherever you are!

Lots of love,



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