This Week

A lot of things happen this week. I know you guys will be boring if i write everything in here, so let me give you some snippets!

  • Finishing a very important work

Finishing some professional freelance working commitment.

  • Skype meeting with le Boss


Reporting about our progress last week and our plan for near future. This is a weekly thing. Usually on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Can’t find my ATM card
Pengalaman Membuat Rekening BCA Tahapan Xpresi

For the third time this month. Seriously questioning my intelligence.

  • Preparing for event


Moeslema doing some collaboration with MyKawaii Style and we are having a booth on an event in Senayan City from 23 to 26 June. We have going through a lot of things to prepare our booth and on-stage event, including:

  1. Enjoying 2-3 hours traffic jam between UOB to Senayan City since the traffic get really worst on the last three days
  2. Sprint between Senayan City – Snappy to get some promotion material printed
  3. Trapped in a really cold venue because the air conditioner is insanely cold and Jakarta also showered with a really heavy rain on the last 3 days
  4. Coming home at 11 pm almost everyday. Security guy on my neighborhood was like “Meh, there she goes again”.
some weird-but-delicious chicken popcorn
  • Joining new community

Gathering with new friends from Sketch Magazine! Always loved to join new community because it’s always gave me better understanding about what’s happening in the world right now. Thank you pelangi for inviting me!


One more day before this week come to the end!


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