A Little Notes


Photo by Mbak Intan

It was the last day of January. I just attending world hijab day on Tokyo Camii and about to going back to my place. I have my JR East direction on google maps. But just like usual, I’m staring in front of the information board that explain the train route, not sure about which train I should take. I’m humming for about three minutes in front of the sign board, and suddenly a guy was calling me from my back

“Hi, where are you going?”

This guy look older than my Dad. He is wearing a baby pink shirt, a white blazer, and a white pants. He is shorter than me and a little bit fat. My first thought: If only he wear a white hat, his outfit would be completely looked like Baron in The Cat Return.

He ask me where i want to go and he is so nice to show me the direction. Also, fortunately, he took the same train with me. We ended up having conversation on our train ride. From around 30 minutes talking, I know he is a Malaysian who born in Japan but haven’t come back yet, he asked me what I’m doing in Tokyo Camii, he is also telling me Tokyo Camii was a nice place, and he have went there once.

Even though there were a lot of news about discrimination in minority, it’s not safe for woman to traveling alone, specially when you are wearing hijab, but I felt so lucky that I never experience bad thing when I’m going somewhere abroad. Everyone taking a very good care of me and I’m feel really grateful for that, Alhamdulillah! Every time I’m about to getting lost, or taking a wrong train, there’s always somebody who asked me about where i am going and helping me if i’m about to get lost. God keep me safe by sending me guardian angels everywhere!



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