Singapore Day 4: Fika Swedish Restaurant and Flying Back To Jakarta

The advantage of staying at your family place on your vacation: you can wash all your clothes so you are coming home with clean clothes. I wash all my clothes on Saturday night, put it on tumble dryer, and then get clean + dry clothes on Sunday morning.

We don’t have some significant plan for Sunday. Just packed my things, out for lunch, and then I’m going to the airport. My aunt asked me where i want to go. I told her I want to eat Halal Chicken Rice. She told me there’s a nice yummy place where you can get it but it’s on MRT station, are you okay with that? Then she come up with a better idea, “Hey, Did you said yesterday you want to try Fika?”

Good idea!

So we ended up having lunch in Fika, a Swedish Halal Bistro in Millenia Walk. It’s my first time trying Swedish food in my life and I’m so excited!

Apple Soda and Cranberry Kiss


Smoked Salmon Crepe , Fika Salad, and Panbiff

All taste good!

Smoked Salmon Crepe: Just like your regular savory crepe but it’s serve chilled, Fika Salad: Fresh mixed greens, pickled red beets, roasted tomatoes, olives and feta cheese with signature honey lemon mustard dressing. Panbiff: Beff patties with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, sauteed onions, lingonberry jam and a small side salad. You probably getting some “Eh? Beef with fruit jam?” When you see Panbiff, but for me it taste really nice!

After done with lunch, we are heading back to my aunt’s place, getting my luggage, and going to the MRT station. My aunt drop me there because she had works to do.


I arrived at the airport perfectly 90 minutes before the gate closed hahaha. I’m having heart attack but I still make it.

By the way, the guy who check in next to me, he bring Durians.

Dude. Seriously.

Of course he get caught (and yelled) by the guy in check in counter.

Then I’m going boarding! I really in a rush because I’m so afraid the gate are closed. But then I realize they didn’t have my boarding gate number printed on my boarding pass (Or probably my eye skip it while i read it, as always). So, when I’m done with immigration, I’m running to the information centre, and asked the well-dressed officer HI DID YOU KNOW WHERE’S MY GATE while handing him my boarding pass. The other officer was laughing, and I was laughing too at myself because, who the heck having boarding pass and didn’t know her gate? You silly one, airin karima -___-




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