Singapore Day 3: Singapore Zoo and River Safari!

We started our day with having breakfast at Coronation Plaza. As we eat breakfast, me and my aunt have a conversation about how to find balance between life and work. Living abroad and alone is surely fun, but it’s not always that easy. That was one of nicest conversation I have with her that I will remember for the rest of my life.

The Spinach Quiche is surprisingly good! Why we don’t have this in Indonesia?

Our plan today is… going to the zoo!

And of course, going to the zoo on Saturday: Crowded as expected.

White Tiger
The Crocodile
Inuka the polar bear
“Did you know why the jaguar didn’t running away from their cage?” | “No, why?” | “They have to pay 500SGD for fine once they passing over the cage”| “-_____-“

We are going to Australian Outback area since I really want to meet my long lost brother, Kangaroo! But unfortunately the area are being maintenance so I just meet Cassowary. My aunt said that probably a sign I should go to Aussie to see the Kangaroo. Amin for that!

And then we move to River Safari! I thought it was like S.E.A Aquarium, much smaller of course, but for the fresh water fish.

There are also a Giant Panda forest in River Safari. You can meet China’s gift to Singapore, giant panda named Kai-Kai and Jia-Jia! Unfortunately, I only meet Kai-Kai since Jia-Jia are so shy. She’s just stay at her cage.

One hungry panda

We add 5SGD extra for enjoying the Amazon River Quest. It’s quite interesting ride.

River Safari

This place is fun! Will probably re-visit on weekdays since it’s quite crowded on weekend!



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