Singapore Day 2: National Museum of Singapore, Gillman Barrack, Labrador Nature Reserve, and Meeting Meryem

Back at 2012, I’m visiting a few museum in singapore for an art field trip (I recommend you to do this while in college). It’s Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore Art Museum, MINT toys museum, and Peranakan Museum. I have all museum on my list checked unless one, National Museum of Singapore. When I was there after 45 minutes walking because I getting-lost-as-always (google maps didn’t exist on my phone during this old days), I found the museum was closed and it was written ‘Renovating until 2015’ on the fence. This museum is on my top wish list and I was errrrr why you no tell me earlier.

And now after 4 years, I’m back! My Aunt are the one who pop the idea. We are in taxi and she remember about my unsuccessful trip to National Museum of Singapore. She was visiting the museum for an event last month and told me it was a nice place to visit if i want to go there.

I always love history, because I think for every decision we have made, it was a series of thinking and evaluation from our past. Also I was thinking museum is some kind of time machine we can visit, and that was pretty much cool.

I’m going there from Alexandra Road using bus. This time I make sure the route was right. The bus stopped in front of Singapore Management University and the museum located next to the uni.

This museum are HUGE. Like seriously HUGE. The building is really stand out among the other modern one.


I went inside the museum and find out they have special exhibition. It’s national treasure exhibition in the ground area. You can bought the ticket separately or hit the 2-in-1 package which is. The National Treasure was getting my interest so I hit both of ticket (the regular museum and the special exhibition one).



By the way, the woman who are on cashier, Her first question to me: Student? #Itoldyouso #Ishouldsaidyessoigotstudentprice

She recommended me going to the national treasure first, and then go up to visit the regular museum. And then go up to the museum. Let’s learn history yeaaaay.

hmm brain usage?

I went to Gillman Barracks because i visit and found out this is one of recommended place in Singapore for art. This place was named after a British General, Sir Webb Gillman. Originally built in 1936 as a military encampment for the British Army but now it becomes one of the biggest art galleries in Singapore.

I was coming to the SEA STATE exhibition by Charles Lim Yi Yong. The exhibition are pretty amazing. He describe Singapore as a maritime country with a clever interpretation.




#waswalkingcarefullywhengoinginsidetheexhibition #itsreallywhite #soafraidmyshoeswillmakeitdirty

Unfortunately I pick bad timing to come here. I’m arrived here at noon. The galleries are opens but there are only a few visitor in here. I read in some review, if you come on the evening, there would be some music performance in one of their restaurant, Timbre. Well, maybe next time!

I also visiting Labrador Nature Reserve! This place is pretty far from the main road, so prepare your feet! Wear comfy sneakers and t-shirt!

This place are really quite and peaceful. The only thing you can hear are sound of waves and seagull, which i found so calming. It makes you forget awhile that you are in Singapore. A lot of eldery visit this place, maybe for the peacefulness you can have in here.


By the way, this place reminds me of Yokohama and Yamashita Park. They are look a like, but Labrador’s are smaller one.


Earlier today before I’m going everywhere, I was meet my new friend, Meryem Chin!

Meryem is a founder of the new muslim. A place for muslim revert and convert sharing story and struggle about their life. I have being muslim all my life and it’s really heart warming to hear story of people decided to believe in Islam!

I find her website are very inspirational and I personally want to meet her in person! When I’ve done purchasing my flight ticket, I directly text her for meet up and Alhamdulillah she had time! We meet up in a mall next to her work place for brunch. Meryem took me to a halal noodle place and it was super delicious!

We talking a lot, most of them are private I can’t put in here. We are talking about Meryem’s journey, how islam in Singapore, how islam in Indonesia, and also how the world are a small place! We’re having quite long conversation, Meryem’s boss even have to text her when will she’s going back to the office #ifmeryemsbossreadthis #imsorryikidnapherfortoolonghehehe

It’s really nice to meet you Meryem! Hope to see you again very soon!






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