Singapore Day 1: Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and S.E.A Aquarium

In Singapore, there is a rule. If you are staying at someone’s place, you had to go out together with the place owner. Since I stay at my aunt’s place, every time she go to work, i also have to out from her apartment. So, even though it’s holiday, I have to be ready at 8AM and out from my aunt’s place that time.

I took a cab with my aunt to her office. My aunt told me places where I can have breakfast, the authentic Singapore one, the somekind-of-Starbucks-but-its-UK-one: Costa Coffee, or the usual one: Mcd. I choose going to Mcd since I really want to eat Mcd Apple Pie! After helping me making decision, she go to her office, meanwhile I’m looking for breakfast. 

My pretty breakfast: Filet-O-Fish, Hash Brown, Hot Milk Tea, and Apple Pie!

After done with breakfast, I went to the bus stop where I can take a bus to Marina Bay area. My first destinations is Gardens by The Bay. I want to see the conservatory : Flower Dome and Cloud Forest!

I arrived at Gardens by The Bay with a little clumsy incident. Here’s the story, I really love riding a bus because I can see scenery and I really enjoy it. But I forget that I should get out from the bus at the Gardens by The Bay stops. So the bus just passing through the stops where I should went out and I didn’t realize it. When all the bus passanger went out at the last stop (Marina Barriage), I was so confused why everybody is out from bus. The driver look at me, and ask me where i want to go. He said the stop is already pass but he will drop me there #itsfirstdayandimakeabusturnbackforme #sorrymrdriver

As I arrived in Gardens by The Bay, I observe all of the area. That place is for buying ticket, that place is entering gate, that one is flower dome conservatory, that one is cloud forest conservatory. And then after make sure about all necessity location, I LEAVE this place. Why? Because I have to find 7-11 or Cheers (it’s a convenience store in Singapore) to buy a simcard. I need to get connected with my family during this trip (read: sending selfie to my mom about what i’m doing every 5 minutes).

FYI, we can buy a internet package from Indonesian provider even if we are in Singapore already, but your favourite graphic designer forget to top up her phone credit. You need IDR 100.000 for buying 3 days internet package, and mine is IDR 64.000. So yeah, let’s buy the local simcard one. I bought hi5 from SingTel on Marina Bay Sands 7-11, it’s 15SGD inet package for 5 days. If you are staying longer in Singapore, there’s hi5 30SGD package for 15 days.


It’s really easy to buy the simcard. Ask to the cashier which hi5 you need, then the cashier will ask for your passport, scanned it and give the simcard for you (and you have to pay that, of course). The simcard coming in a regular size one, but it has some cutting inside so if you are using the micro one, just push on the cutted area with your thumb and tadaaa you’ve got the micro simcard.

I’m walking back to Gardens by The Bay and soooooooo ready for the consevatory!

Until I found it’s really sunny and dude seriously I’m melting here. Walking a little and found there’s a car that you can use for getting to the conservatory area. Its 3SGD, but it’s unlimited rides for a day. I hit it because i’m too lazy tired for walk.

So, I’m arrived at the conservatory! As a tourist, I have no choice but buy both of the conservatory ticket (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest: 28SGD). But if you are local resident, you can pick one you like, just the Flower Dome, or just the Cloud Forest. I start with the Flower Dome because I want to see Tulip Mania exhibition! I’m entering the dome with no expectations but WOW IT’S COOL INSIDE WHY.

It’s the air conditioner guys. OMG.

The Flower Dome was shield with a very pretty glass-made dome and as you can see, it’s see-through and sun goes inside so easily. But. You. Can. Feel. The. Air. Conditioner.








The tulips are pretty amazing. There’s no words to describe it! I only have seen the growing tulips in postcard or pinterest, so this experience is really new! I probably will come again if they have another tulip exhibition!

After done with the magical Flower Dome experience, I went to the Cloud Forest. It’s also using air conditioner, but it’s more humid here because there are pond, waterfall, and some misty fog fizzling from the top. I straightly go up to The Lost World. There were very pretty! It was a pond with tropical plants everywhere. After done enjoying The Lost World, I’m going to cloud walk.


I’m not really recommended Cloud Walk for one who scared about high because the height of this walking track is equal building with 4th floor. It’s almost like OCBC Skywalk! I was a bit shaking when i pass it first. But the scary feeling was decrease once you’ve reach the lower floor. Then you are slowly enjoying the scenery.


After that, I went to Sentosa Island to visit S.E.A Aquarium! I took a bus from Marina Bay Sands mall to Vivo City and then took Sentosa Express. I get a little lost when I was arrived in Sentosa but finally managed to find the Aquarium.

S.E.A aquarium is located together in one building with Singapore Maritim Museum, but I don’t really get to visit the museum because it’s really crowded and kids are running everwhere. So i just walking pass it and go straight to the aquarium.

The Aquarium is really cool! We are greeted by the shark seas on the entrance. It’s my first time visiting an aquarium after a very very very long time, so shark as appetizer for aquarium visit was scary-ing me enough -_-

photo: #didnttakeanyphotosbecausemycamerabatteryisalmostempty

I go straight to the center of aquarium, to the big tank where you can see all the big fish. And suddenly i feel so small, because those fish are hilariously big!

Photos: #didnttakeanyphotosbecausemycamerabatteryisalmostempty

I took a lot of time to sit and watch the fish on the big tank. I’ve been really everywhere today, so I think I need to rest my feet for a while and this place is perfect. They even have a small food kiosk where you can buy some snack (There’s a glow in the dark cotton candy, which is very interesting).

I sit down quitely and have a lot of thought. I see those fish swimming back and forth, and i was thinking do they bored swimming in the same tank everyday? Meeting the same fish everday? Would they ever think to escape? (That would be interesting, right?).

I left the big tank and start walking from one small tank to another. This aquarium have a big variety of aquatic life. You have to pay a visit at least once in your life time. I really love aquarium and my dream is to visit Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa. My Boss said if i can set the target and reach it, he let me going holiday to Okinawa! #prayformeguys


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