Flying to Singapore!

What would you do if you had some extra money? Buying a new bag? Get some new gadgets? Trying new food?

Me? Buying airplane ticket for my planned-in-just-2-weeks holiday to singapore, hehehe.

Why Singapore? I always love Singapore, it’s near from Jakarta, everything is neat, everything is clean, the weather is quite similar like Jakarta …

and my aunt is living there so it’s easy to get my Dad approval for Singapore hehehe.

I still working on my departure day until 4PM, then I go to the airport from office. I’m a typical of early check-in so when it’s 6PM, I already in front of the check in counter. I didn’t want to miss a flight because tickets are expensive! (they are simply dry my pocket, duh).

I’m having Black tea latte and browsing a bit for killing time on Starbucks Terminal 2D. I bring my working laptop on this trip because I have skype meeting scheduled on my departure day, on 8PM. It’s kinda crazy because my flight is on 9.05PM. So, as soon as the boarding gate is open, I have to go there and finding the best spot for doing the skype meeting.


I’m done with my drink and packed things up because I think it’s time to go to the boarding gate. But, just 100 metres I walk from Starbucks, Sensei told me the skype meeting was cancelled. Oh well -_-

I’m walking to the gate and trying to find my plane on the big screen halfway on it. My flight yesterday was GA. I never fly with GA for short flight. Always using Lion because it’s cheaper. But unfortunately for this trip I should fly at night and the choice are GA or SQ. The other budget air are Tiger and Jetstar but the flight was on 11PM and I didn’t want to make my aunt pick me on airport that late. SQ was pretty expensive I can’t afford LOL, so lets just choose GA!

My plane is GA88. On the big screen, it’s written Singapore, but then it changed quickly to Amsterdam. And I was like, “Eh? So which one is right?”.

Passing the scanning gate as usual, go boarding to my gate, and STILL find it’s written Amsterdam on the big screen. Dude, seriously?

I’m entering boarding room and find out there’s quite a lot of people already waiting here. Mostly dress up casual, but i think i’m the most casual person. Basically i just wearing t-shirt, cardigan, and jeans. Also, i bring canvas tote bag, just like a college student. It’s only a matter of time people will come to me and ask me hey are you student, how’s your study, etc etc etc #thatsfrequentlyhappenbytheway #andtheywillshockwhenitellthemim24.

Boarding call and everyone get lined for entering the plane. When I just want to get up and walking to the plane, a lady ask me, “Are you flying alone?” (Mmm, yes?), I ask her back just to be polite where is she going, and she answer me, “I’m going to Amsterdam!”

(Well, to be honest it’s going to be fun if i’m taking the wrong flight and arrived in Amsterdam. But I didn’t want to be blacklisted. I always stay from immigration problem as away as possible)

So, I’m getting into the plane, sit nicely on my seat, creating playlist, and suddenly Mr pilot announcing the flight detail.

“Ladies and gentleman, we are now on flight to Amsterdam”

“via Singapore…”

My world is bright again! Calm down drama queen, you didn’t take the wrong plane! I told that to myself.

As my last flight was to Tokyo and it takes 7 hours for arrive, 1.5 hour feels really short. My playlist even haven’t finished when the plane is about to landing. It feels soooooo fancy by the way to have GA for short flight. You’ve got food, you’ve got entertainment, everything is good, and that’s why it feels so fancy. It’s too luxurious for me!

I landed safely in Singapore around 11.30PM, Singapore’s time. People who go to Amsterdam should go out from plane, get the cabin bag out, get re-scanned, and took flight with the same plane! Kinda weird, but maybe that’s european flight policy.

I’m walking out from immigration, grab my baggage, walking to the lounge and tadaaaa my aunty is there reading a book while waiting for me. We took a cab for going to her place.

We both really tired so we straightly go zzzz zzzz zzzz after we arrived at her place around 1AM.





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