Thank You, Google Translate


Yesterday, we had meeting with client in a restaurant. Between the meeting, we have some short break and the client was leave us for a while for maghrib prayer (I was on period). The restaurant was quite unoccupied so it’s basically only me and the boss who sit at the centre of the dining room.

My boss are Japanese. I can’t speak either understand Japanese. From a scale 0-10, my japanese was -2, which is sucks.

I was a little bit confused about what to do during this break time since: 1. I can’t speak Japanese, 2. I can’t speak Japanese, 3. I can’t speak Japanese. But I do believe my boss have a lot of things to do, so he’s going to be busy with his macbook during this break.

The awkward+silent moment goes on, i was look down to my handphone, scrolling anything to avoiding awkwardness. But suddenly…

“Airin”, the boss called me. I looked up and found out he handed me his iphone.

I was reacted “eh?”, and then take his iphone. I have no idea what he want me to do, until i looked on his phone screen.

Using google translate, he ask me some question about works.

I was grinning, because it’s a yes-or-no question. And then he took his iphone back, typing something, and give the phone back to me.

Question no 2 is something that i have to explain

I’m typing the answer in a very structured bahasa, hit the enter button, and hopefully the translation goes right.

He type his question again, give his phone to me, i answer it, and so on. Question, answer, question, answer, we both even laughing at one of my answer.

During this session, both of us doing eye contact, smiling, laughing, doing some hand signal. We are sit down together, I don’t understand his language, we are communicating, may not really well, but it works.

This conversation have to stop because client are back and we have to continuo the meeting. The boss continuo his presentation like a pro as always.

Technology, they are so helpful.


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