The Strawberry Stories Part 2

My return flight to Jakarta is on 18.05, but i have some trouble on 10 hours before my plane took off.


I don’t know what exactly makes my luggage so heavy. I only buy 3 books and don’t even buy clothes. Come on little buddy why you so mean to me! I also almost can’t pull the zipper and lock it! Note to myself: BUY ANOTHER ONE!

I have to check out at 10 AM and I have to put out everything, make sure i didn’t forget to turn off the stove and electricity, and get out from my small-but-so-cozy-i-did-not-even-want-to-go-outside apartment.

Luggage, out. I put the keys back on the locker and then set some number on it so it will be automatically locked.

Time for me to go out. At this time, I should to go to Koji’s office. But this luggage, they are really took my breathe! I have to stop every 10 minutes because it’s so heavy! I also have to say summimasen to everyone who walk behind me on my way to Koji’s office because the way i stop was very unexpected (Thank God I didn’t hurt anyone). Panic and think it’s impossible going to Koji’s office, I decided to text him and tell him it’s impossible for me to go up because of this stupid heavy luggage. I feel really bad because we should have lunch on my last day but i can’t even go 100 meters anymore with this luggage.

Stressed up and waiting for reply (I know he will hate me for the rest of his life), I’m going to Starbucks Kagurazawa to have some drinks. Working a little, and finally he text me back and send Emi to Starbucks! Emi bring my transportation cost and she even help me bring my stuff to Iidabashi station.

So i took train to nippori, and get my Skyliner from there. After I bought the ticket, I slowly walked to the gate and then slowly go back to the ticket counter after gasping for 5 second. Why? Because my train will be arrived in 3 minutes. THREE MINUTES WHAAAAT. I go back to the ticket counter and asking the officer to issuing the next one. He gave me ticket for the next train which will arrived in 25 minutes #hemustthinkimsuchaweakwomanwhocantrunforhertrainin3minutes.

Remember I’m getting trouble when I’m transfer to JR Railway? When I’m about to entering the KESEI gate, I am still not sure about how to enter it rightly, so I’m asking the officer. I show her a ticket, but she say,”Go buy the ticket first!”. I was so confused, I buy the ticket right? After I take a look on my ticket, it’s a receipt of my suica! The ticket are still on my coat’s pocket. Oh my God, shame on me! I said summimasen and bowing 300 times to the gate officer because it’s really embarrassing. The gate officer are laughing, saying it’s okay, and show me the way up to the Skyliner platform.


I’m arrived in Narita Airport 30 minutes later. Still 4 hours more to my flight. Well, after all of those silly experience, at least I’ve made it to the airport. I’m killing the time with going to the shops which located in 4th floor. I found store who sell halal snack!


Halal Arare and Halal Castella cake! Phewwww finally we can bring something that islamic acceptable from here!

And how about the strawberry I bought from Mitsukoshi?

I bring the strawberry on my carry-on bag. The strawberry sweet-scented are really strong because I didn’t wrap it with anything but Mitsukoshi paper bag. So when I bought the arare and castella cake, I’m asking extra plastic bag. I double the plastic bag, fold it and making-my-best-effort-to-make-it-tied. When I check in I’m asking the check-in officer, is that okay to bring fresh fruit on my carry-on? I show the strawberry and she said okay. She was more concerned about the flower garland that i bring on my carry-on.

So, boarding time. It’s weird but I feel a little sad about leaving Japan #weak. I intentionally walking slowly to reach my plane gate because I want to enjoy the last scenery that I have in here. I think God must heard my prayer because my flight was delayed for 1.5 hours LOL. But it’s because of bad weather, so it’s okay. I arrived at home around 2AM, and the strawberry are safe!

Sorry for the blurred picture, too excited to try it and forget to take proper picture LOL!

I really recommend you to bring Japanese strawberry as a gift to your family or relation because it’s really good! It’s sweet, juicy, and crunchy at the same time! Will get some more if I’m going back to Japan!

See you on my next post!



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