Airin Karima for Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

Hi guys! (I’m pretending to be as happiest and cheerfully as Kiyomi Bachdim)

Last month, I’ve got such a huge project from Kak Ivan Gunawan. I am still nobody in Indonesia’s fashion industry and he trust me to hold one styling project, in fashion muslim area, to be specific. I was told to come after lunch, so I arrived at 2pm, and find out Jakarta Convention Centre are still covered by dust. There are a lot of carpenter who set up huge booth in centre area. But I didn’t see any of artist here (There are one more stylist for Ready-To-Wear area).

So I went to the nearest mall, F(x) for having lunch. Just fyi, on that day, 9 March, we have solar eclipse in Indonesia, and you are not expected to be on outdoor area. But here I am, walking trough JCC to F(x), only covered by umbrella #inthenameofprofessionality #shouldgetskintreatmentafterthis

In F(x), I’m looking for a place to wait and find Mister Donut! This is one of famous donut place in Japan. I give a try for donuts with banana and chocolate filling (can’t remember the name, uuuh i’m old), and getting strawberry smoothies for my refreshment drink. They are good! Love it!


I’m going back to JCC around 5 and find the situation are all change. All the booth are almost finished. How fast all the carpenter do their job! Also, on the enterance, There is Kak Carendelano busy with his set up (They are amazing btw). I’m looking for Kak Ivan Gunawan, found him, and then he took me to Kak Rudy. He gave me some brief and told me where’s my styling area.

I was told to be waiting for my mannequin, and I’m sitting nicely for about hmm 3 hours. Since the mannequin didn’t come to me, I finally get up, asking my mannequin, and they get 10 for me #thateasy #questioningmyintellegence. Btw, set up mannequin are hard! My mannequin fell down and almost hit the floor for 5 times!


One by one, the designer assistant are come to me and bring some haute couture pieces that makes me waaaaaaaw because: 1) they are beautiful, 2) how can i put this into mannequin without broke anything (just fyi, one set of designer haute couture mostly worth IDR 20 mil, or more)

But at the end, we made pretty set up! Thank you for all the support!


NB: Some Indonesia Fashion Week comitte asking me where i was during the IFW event. I didn’t come to the main event on 10 until 13 March itself since I have a regular work as graphic designer.The styling day itself was on 9 March, the waisak day, it’s national holiday in Indonesia. But I’m coming to the closing event (13 March) since i have to pack up designer clothes. Sorry you can’t catch up me during this event because i’m sooooooo invisible hehehe.

See you on my next post!



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