Once-in-a-year Proper Photoshoot

Last week I’m doing a photoshoot because I’m being one of guest stylist for Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. They said they need a profile picture + short description about me, and I’ve been checking my phone and my laptop, find no proper photo, so i decided to make one.


asking (read: forcing) imel to help me

I am doing proper make up for this photoshoot (hellooooooooo, this is Indonesia Fashion Week!) which is so rare. I’m using my daily make up (Wardah DD cream, The Body Shop Compact Powder, Revlon matte eyeshadow – for eyebrow, Maybelline cheeky glow, Maybelline Hyper Gloss Eyeliner, and Wardah Crystallure Lipstick) but for this time, I bought extra tools, Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge

photo: misslisamakeup.com

What is special with this make up sponge? First, I like the softness of material they used for the sponge. Second, I love how handy it is. It’s on the right volume. The shape are also come in a nice structure. The combination of egg + flat shape make it so helpful to apply the DD cream. I bought this one on Debenhams Senayan City. The price is IDR 159.000. The best value for me since I can’t afford Beauty Blender  (The price is nonsense for a make up tools and it has be cleaned up with special cleanser, the one i bought is only require shampoo to clean it up).

Anyway, here’s the photoshoot result. We have studio in office but I really lazy to set everything up. So I just take a picture on the living room which have a very good natural lighting.


I’m wearing Uniqlo x Hana Tajima hijab, and Navy Blue outer + stripes T-shirt that I bought from Pandora Box garage sale (they have a lot of cute stuff!).

Being stylist is not really easiest thing to do since I have tight schedule with moeslema, but I successfully make a deal to work on Nyepi holiday, so it will not disturbing moeslema work schedule! (Well, that means no holiday for me).

That’s all for now! Back to work, back to work, back to work!




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