The Strawberry Stories


We are going to Mitsukoshi in Ginza to find something for me to bring back to Indonesia. But unfortunately we can’t find anything without some kind of ‘ingredients’ on it.



When we are looking around, I found a fruit stall. I was thinking, hmmm, since my mom loves fruit maybe we can find her some japanese cherry…

I said to Koji I want to look those fruit stall and maybe find some cherry if there is any. (Koji, on other side, directly trying to find cherry season on his mobile after i said i’m looking for cherry. Tech-guy-as-always). I’m looking around and find no cherry in here. There’s a Mitsukoshi staff that I can ask, but last time my japanese language study material was about asking how to buy denshi jisho and we might end up in electronic city, so okay time to get translation help.

Unfortunately, this is not the season of cherry right now, so i have to find out another gift for my mother. Thinking, thinking, thinking… ach so! How about strawberry? On last year trip, Mbak Carol was bought strawberry and it’s really delicious! Well, that might works!


So I walking to the strawberry stall and looking some nice strawberry, asking Koji opinion, calling my mom from LINE (but she didn’t answer) and… decided to buy it! They pack the strawberry with such a huge bubble wrap + mitsukoshi paper packaging, and put it in a nice paper bag

But then, come another problem. Can I bring fresh fruit into the plane? 

I really forget sometimes we can’t bring fresh fruit to entering a country (If you watch airport investigation on Natgeo, you may know). So I was mmmmph what should I do. This strawberry was smell really nice. How if I can’t bring it inside the plane? What is the worst probability that might happen? How big is my chance? 50:50?

Will this strawberry made it to Jakarta? Will tell you more on the next blog post hehehe




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