Hello Jenahara Jakarta!

Mood being ups and downs like crazy! Life at any department went up the level and I have so many things to do in occasion of level up-ing my self. So roller coaster in this past 2 weeks! I also trying to do a sugar diet for my own health. Brain being useless hyperactive if i add sugar in my drink, so do as if i eat some rice. Low sugar is a must, and potato being a good subtitution for rice so i’m being best friend with frites right now.


Anyway, remember i previously had a fashion business workshop? I think the knowledge that i have from that 2 hour workshop was really great and I want to share it with you guys.

On this workshop we had 3 speakers. Jenahara Nasution from JENAHARA, Novandy Bambang Pramana from DOKU wallet, and Hanna Faridl from Hijup Magazine.

The first session is Fashion Business workshop from Kak Jenahara.

JENAHARA are one of famous muslim fashion brand in Indonesia. Asymmetrical, Clean-cut, bold color, are the brand characteristic. I know JENAHARA when they made Savannah skirt. Like seriously, every hijabers dying to have one! That product is having such a huge success in public.


For JENAHARA itself, it took a long time for brand and market research. The idea firstly come when Kak Jenahara, the creative director, saw muslim women dress up habit. They always come in one set of clothes, which is kinda boring. Kak Jenahara comes up with idea, how if we make the clothes one-by-one pieces, so you can buy separated things, mix and match it, and you can get more than one look. That’s the core idea.

Making fashion product, first thing you have to do is figuring out what is your fashion DNA. This is including what impression you want to make for public, what image you are creating. Are you going to be feminime, boyish, street wear, or hipster. Find one which suit you best. For Kak Jenahara itself, she loved to be different, she is also perfectsionis. She wants the customer who bought her collection, could feel how it’s like to be Jenahara.

For creating product, you should based on this formula: 50% – 30% – 20%. So when you are making SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), the 50% should be product that makes sales (best seller), 30% product that on trend, and 20% product that really ‘your brand’. It’s really open my mind when i heard this explaination. Even the brand who have name in public like JENAHARA was prioritize product who drive sales first. We have to make money after all!

And then Kak Jenahara explaining working staging of her brand. First, set up the collection launching schedule. After that, she is breaking down the schedule for production, sample-making-process, and idea planning.

For idea planning itself, we have to make a mood board. Mood board consist of idea, inspiration, and trend. The source can be everything. Some daily snaps picture, beautiful photo from magazine, or some good things we found on pinterest. Let the creative person inside you flowing in this stage, girls!

The second session is from Novandy Bambang Pramana.

This session was explaining why we should sell our product online. Based on survey, Indonesia was one of the higher internet user in this world (90 million internet user, 76 mobile internet user, and 4th largest population on facebook!). Where do Indonesian go to look up some product?

  1. Search Engine
  2. Social Media
  3. Retail store
  4. Blog & forum
  5. Email Newsletter
  6. Comparison web

So, if you are an online business player and your desire to be success is high, please consider those list!

The third session was from Mbak Hanna Faridl, Chief Editor Hijup Magazine. I love this session because it’s related with something that i work the most right now, branding.


To be survive in this world, we have to be open minded with change. Hijup Magazine are formerly Laiqa Magazine, a printed magazine. But with the commitment to going forward, they are changing the format to be digital magazine and use English for all of their article. They hope with this change, they can reach more people in this world. For first week, they are having 500 download of their digital magazine, bravo!

Mbak Hanna itself have her own clothing line, Casa Elana. This brand are specific in nursing wear. When we have a brand we are suppose to know where will this brand going. We might never see Casa Elana in such a big event like JENAHARA in Jakarta Fashion Week, but you will see Casa Elana in Urban Mama, something that might be not huge or superior, but big in the right market.

Long time ago, brand competition was all about who have the biggest number of money that one can attract the most of customer. But now, in social media area, game are changing. Whoever clever enough to maximize the use of social media and sacrifice night sleep to learn something new, that one will win big.

Another tips from the 3 speakers that coming from QA session:

  • Never afraid to start something.
  • Never pessimist! Always optimist!
  • Prepare your mental. Never give up. Everything start with yourself and started with self-confidence.
  • Have a sharing partner.
  • Never afraid to be yourself. You don’t have to be someone else to be liked by others.
  • Copy cat are proof that we are success. As a creative person what should we do to deal with copy cat? Of course with making another innovation!
  • JENAHARA are build with only IDR 10 million capital. The most important thing when you are creating fashion brand are the product, so make sure you are making the best of your product. Everything else that you still can handle by yourself, handle it. JENAHARA at first using the hijabers community to spreading the brand. That way slowly bring customer.
  • We can get profit in fashion business IF ONLY we know how to calculate everything rightly. Have a separated Bank Account (Using personal Bank Account is not recommended), and count every expenses that you have for producing a product or collection. This is INCLUDING packaging, transportation, and eating expenses when you are in process to make a product.
  • Social media are the very affordable way to introducing your brand. Maximize it!



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