The 64th Graduation Works Exhibition, Tokyo University of The Arts

Tokyo University of the Arts (東京藝術大学 Tōkyō Geijutsu Daigaku) or shortly called Geidai (芸大) is an art school in Japan, located in Ueno Park. The university was formed in 1949, merger of Tokyo School of Fine Arts (東京美術学校 Tōkyō Bijutsu Gakkō) and Tokyo Music School (東京音楽学校 Tōkyō Ongaku Gakkō). Both of them were founded in 1887.

Like any other Art University, students are expected to create artwork for their final year as a requirements for getting their title. In Geidai, graduate students hold group exhibitions outside the university. This time, they created one in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.


This museum located in Ueno Park, only 3 stations from where I lived. It’s literally in front of JR Ueno Station. There are also a lot of place that you can visit around Ueno Park. There’s Ueno Zoo, Tokyo National Museum, Shitamachi Museum, and National Museum of Nature and Science.


I was arrived at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum around 15.00 because I get lost a little. There are already a lot of visitor in this exhibitions. Here are some of my favourite artwork:

Tokyo Landscape from white Lego! My favorite!
Plush Toy for toddler with various shapes
Mix Media, some goods of metal and neon strings
Another mix media, painting and some kind of constructions material
A painting (or printing? not sure what it is, but it’s beautiful!) from Yi-Wen Yang, ‘Rain in Tokyo’
Still from ‘Rain in Tokyo’
Oil Painting
Another oil painting (this one make me hungry)
sculpture artwork, loving the gradation from amber to tosca
Favourite painting, because the colour are so energetic. And so yin-and-yang with the deep blue painting one.

After all, this is a really good exhibitions. The meaning of artwork are easy to be understand (My favourite thing about art: You can communicated by a form of visual, no need language). At the end of the exhibitions (31 Jan), they have 17.500 visitor! Bravo!


You can buy some souvenir on the Museum Shop. I’ve bought my self a black canvas Tote Bag with ‘Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art’ written on it.

Last but not least, I was walking around Ueno Park. About to getting starbucks but the queue was really long. Then I realize there’s a pinky tree next to starbucks!


This is the only tree that had sakura with it. Maybe this is the sign that spring will coming? (Or maybe this is some kind of eternal sakura? I don’t know). But yeay! I see sakura with my bare eye! One bucket list in life, checked!

So, museum trip this time is definitely fun! Inspiring artwork + seeing sakura = airin is a happy girl! See you on my next post!



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