Uniqlo X Hana Tajima 2016 Spring/Summer Collection


Hi Guys!

Was waiting for the time for maghrib prayer right now (works have been done around an hour ago). So now I’m looking for something to do, and suddenly remember about Hana Tajima X Uniqlo Spring Summer 2016 collection. Let’s make a blog post about that.

Hana Tajima has been started making collaboration with Uniqlo on 2015. Their first collaboration was a big hit. For me personally, it’s a big thing when international clothing company was making a collaboration with hijab person. It shows us that international clothing company are now start to open their self with modest wear.


This is the Uniqlo X Hana Tajima Life Wear Collection 2015. The collection was started with range collection of skirt, blouse, dress, and hijab. My favourite piece from 2015 collection is the crepe skirt and the ombre (two-tone colored) hijab.



Repeating the success of 2015 collection, Uniqlo and Hana Tajima making another collaboration together.

I love this Spring Summer 2016 collection since they are playing a lot in cutting and pattern. The clothes are designed to be modern, functional, and extremely comfortable (Have been peeking this collection in one of Uniqlo store in Jakarta!). The colour are bold but the cutting, seams, and pleats are so simple. Make it really wearable to every occasion!

Women Kebaya in Yellow
Women Linen Cotton Wrap Long Sleeve Dress in Navy
Women Dip Dye Hijab in Dark Brown

The price are started from IDR 249.000 to IDR 699.000. The quality and design was worth the price. Will it buy it? Yes! Loving the colour and the material! I hope in the future there will be more big player in clothing company pay more attention with modest wear! Amin for that!



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