From Narita Airport to Iidabashi Station


So guys, this is Narita Airport Terminal 2, arrival lobby!

From my previous post you know I’m arrived safely in Narita. Now it’s time to go to the downtown Tokyo! I’m using KESEI Skyliner, a high-speed train that connects Narita Airport and Tokyo. They are claiming as the fastest express train in Japan (excluding the bullet one) from airport to Tokyo. The train operates every 20 to 40 minutes, so they were 3 trains per hour. You can choose Nippori or Ueno Station for your destination. I choose Nippori because I can easily transfer from KESEI line to JR East Line.


Don’t forget to check car and seat number on your ticket because you literary only have two minutes to jump into the train when it’s arrived. When you are getting inside, put your luggage on the big shelf next to the automatic door. You are only allowed to bring small bag with you on your seat.


The interior inside are very spacious. I have enough room for my leg! There are toilet and vending machine in this train. The toilet was on car number 4th and toilet was on car number 5th. I’m taking the rain when it’s already dark in Japan (The sun goes down around 17.00 and my train was on 17:22). Only takes 36 minutes to arrived in my destination, Nippori Station. Man, I was arrived in Nippori with just blinking!

After arrived in Nippori, I have to continue with JR East. I’m using SUICA card that I have from my last trip (Japan Islamic Beauty Trip). All I have to do is top up my card, and go to using the JR. One problem that i got when i’m trying to transfer from KESEI Line to JR Line, I don’t know I should tap my SUICA card after put the KESEI ticket inside the automatic gate.


So when I insert the KESEI ticket into the gate and walking like nothing happen, the alarm was sound and the station officer was coming hahaha. He was panicked. I’m try to explain that I’m from KESEI Line and will going to use JR Keihintohoku Line. The station officer was pulled a key from his suit and unlocking something from the automatic gates, and ta-daaaaaa my KESEI ticket was out. And then he told me to insert my KESEI ticket to the automatic gate, and fastly tap my SUICA card after that. I’m doing what he told me and it successfully works! Thank you Mr. Station Officer!jreastmap

So, this is the JR East Maps. I’m going to Iidabashi Station, and if i check google maps, I should take train from Keihintohoku Line to reach Akihabara Station, then transfer at Chuo-Sobu Line and I will arrived at Iidabashi Station. There’s a lot of stairs in Japanese train station but you can always find elevator or escalator in here.


I’m arrived in Iidabashi 40 minutes later! Wohooo mission success!

And then I’m going to Starbucks Kagurazawa, where my mentor here, Koji Jimba, picked me up and drop me off to my apartment here.


This is still a start from my japan trip and I have a lot of stories to tell you guys! See you on my next post!




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