Reaching Tokyo

Hi Guys! How’s life?

Mine is screwed up! Hahaha, just kidding of course.

Last week, I’ve been flying to Tokyo for work. You may know that if you follow me on Instagram. Being really update about that.


I’m using Japan Airlines for my flight this time, and surprisingly the economy seat was really nice! The seat are comfort, the blanket are nice, and I’ve got window seat so I’m having a nice view. The food was also great and it’s in a nice big portion.

On the negative side, the schedule for Japan Airlines was sooooooooooooooooooooo early in the morning. I have to leave my house at 3AM since my flight are on 6.45AM. My eyes are glued when I’m in boarding room. I really can’t wait to get into the plane as soon as possible. MY FLYING BED!


I finally get into the plane around 6.30 AM, and sleeping no longer after that. When I wake up, the sun has been shining really bright on my face because I forget to close the airplane window cover. So it’s a little blue everywhere when I woke up.

It took 7 hour before I arrived in Narita. This is my first time in Narita since on the last trip we are arrived in Haneda. Anyway, this is my first time I’m not getting picked up by anyone on the airport. Kinda scary but I’m an adult anyway so let’s make it happen to the City Center! I have discussed how is the easiest and fastest way to reach Tokyo, and we are going to use the hi-speed train called KESEI Skyliner!


I was arrived on the locket around 16:45. They have tickets for 17:02 and the ticket lady said I will make it because the station are just 10 minutes walking. But, I’m so scared because I didn’t know the station yet, my luggage are so heavy, I am just alone here, so I decided to buy the ticket for 17:22. Will I get to the train on time?

Stay tuned!




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