I have one habit that always show up when I’m about to travel abroad.

Getting. Sick.

It’s always happen close to my departure day. Singapore, Japan, Banjarmasin, or even just Bandung. I am either getting fever, cold, or headache. For today, I’ve got fever. I have one meeting with my client on H-1 of my trip, so I’ve better getting myself healthy because I didn’t want to look pale in front of client. Well, there’s make up for cover it, but you can’t lie on your apperance.

So, here I am, lying on my bed, covered up myself with wool sweater and blanket. Will taking paracetamol after this and maybe have some sleep. This is not cool. Luckily I have started pack my clothes last week (since I don’t know exactly when will i go to Japan), so 60% of my clothes are already in suitcase.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend guys!



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