Keep halal-eating when you are abroad

Traveling abroad nowadays are a very common things. As a muslim, it’s important to eat halal. Here, I want to share how i survive eating when i abroad.

Bring your own food

For first timer, i really recommend this method because besides you must be scary about finding halal food, or sometimes the food taste can be different. Bring your own noodles, bring rice, bring your own jam, even bring your own rendang. We know for sure it’s halal and the taste are well-matched with our tongue. I mostly bring migelas when I travel abroad. I love pop mie better but they took a lot of space on my luggage.

They come with various flavor but this is my favourite

Also, there’s a lot of case people are stopped by immigration on airport because of the food they bring. Well, it’s always better to declare what you bring (in this case, food) to the immigration officer when it asked, or it might be ended in airport trash bin.

Do your research

Never go blind for whatever you don’t know yet. It’s not war or death-or-life situation when you can’t find a proper food to eat. The research could be about the ingredients, the halal food stall/kiosk/truck, or halal restaurant. There’s a lot of information on internet provided for you guys, if only you look for them.

Of course you can also do this research method offline, liked ask your friend who live on your traveling country destination what food are halal, and what’s not. When I go for a holiday to Singapore on my college year, I’m going there for a week. I’m staying at my aunt place for a week, and on weekdays I have to go out when she have to work because the Landlord not allowed visitor stay without the apartment residents. She had no time for cook, so she gave me pocket money and a-mile-long list of restaurant that sell halal food.

Grilled salmon with briyani rice from Le Bistrot Paris – French halal cuisine located in Haji Lane
Beef Lasagna from Charlie Brown cafe – They are halal certified by MUI Singapore!


Cook your own

Can’t find any halal food? It’s time to get down and dirty! I believe you can easily find chicken, fish, or vegie in nearest convenience store. Regarding this case, you can also bring your local instant-seasoning when you go abroad.

Life cheat

Hope this article help! See you on my next article!



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