Japan Islamic Beauty Trip: Meeting my Japanese Muslim Friends!

Assalamaualaikum guys!

Now, I am going to tell you about how I meet my japanese muslim friend in Tokyo.

The purpose of Japan Islamic Beauty Trip itself, instead to give appreciation to Moeslema Top Blogger, is to introducing Japan as a muslim friendly destination to muslim traveller all around the world. We do believe we can make that come true since Japan are now slowly growing to be a muslim friendly travel destination.

As a muslim, going to mosque to do shalat are a very important thing to do, number one priority in our life. So, why don’t we go to masjid in Japan meanwhile we’re here? We are planning to go to the biggest mosque in Japan, Tokyo Camii.

Turkish community are the one who build Tokyo Camii in 1938. Tokyo Camii have a strong classical Ottoman architecture, makes it easily recognize than regular building in Japan. The broken white color and marble texture dominated the building.

I was really curious about how muslim people live in Japan. I always interesting about how is living in a country when you are minority. In Indonesia, you are basically free and mostly supported to do anything related to your religion. By supported I mean something like, your office provide a musholla so you can do shalat on time, or making big day on your religion as a public holiday.

So I make an appointment with this beautiful Japanese Muslim girl, Nur Arisa Maryam (@nurarisamaryam).

How do I found Arisa? I found her on instagram (she is sooooooooo pretty!), read her blog, and touched by her revert story. I was teared when I first read her blog. Without any doubt I contacted her with email asking if there is any opportunity to meet her while I’m in Japan. Alhamdulillah she respond it very fast! She give me her contact and I directly message her about my Japan-trip plan.


We are coming Tokyo Camii on 22th November and fortunately for us, they was held a charity bazaar. It’s such a great opportunity coming to Tokyo Camii when they held an event because that makes muslim people in Japan are gathered in this place. There were African, Middle east, Turkey, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, all gathered in Tokyo Camii. Most of them are family bring their kids. Suddenly I don’t feel like I’m in Tokyo because it’s so multi culture in here.

Front View of Tokyo Camii

We are arrived at Tokyo Camii around Ashar time. People are rushing to do jamaah prayers. So the situation were crowded. I get upstairs where’s the woman prayer area are provided. A little struggling in here because to reach the woman prayer area we should took the spiral stairs, and seems like there’s only one stairs in here, so people are busy going up and down with this stairs. But Alhamdulillah I can slowly climb the stairs safely without hurting anyone (just fyi, my elbow are sharp and i’m so afraid I can accidentally nudge someone -_-).

Inside Tokyo Camii



I meet Arisa inside the woman prayer area on Tokyo Camii. When I’m looking for her, I was bring my handphone, but, I didn’t bring the mobile wifi with me. I’m looking around but still I can’t find her. I was really scare that I wouldn’t find her. But then, I look on my back and find a girl who was holding some photos, and I recognize it was Arisa. So I ask her in english if she know Arisa. And she know! She show me that Arisa are the one who pray in the front. I feel so relieved that I found her. Later I know it was Arisa’s friend, Amna Balouch (@aamnalicious)!

After Arisa done with her prayer, I say hi and introducing my self. She is so friendly! She is also with Risa Mizuno (@muslimahtokyo), her japanese muslim friend who just revert to islam last week. We are going to the porch and meet a lot of muslim sister in here. And then we moved to the 1st floor of Tokyo Camii for chit-chat some more.



Arisa tell us a lot about being muslim in Japan. People are starting to be open about islam in Japan. We can see it from today’s event that not only muslim people who came to this bazaar, but also local japanese people who interested to gaining knowledge about what is islam or how do they do the prayer. I am whispering a lot of Alhamdulillah when I’m here. It feels really good that I can found a shelter where muslim people are having facility to pray properly, getting educated about islam (They have Arabic & Quran class, they also have a library, you can buy japanese islamic books in here) and gathered with fellow muslim in Japan.

We are also doing some shooting for our video. So thank full that Arisa and Amna loved to join us in this video!

They are having so much fun time!
In front of Tokyo Camii
The girls having goodie bag from Wardah Beauty and Moeslema
Blurred wefie (but still a beautiful picture!)
Amna and Arisa!

Hopefully If one day I’m coming back to Japan, I could meet them again! Thank you for your time, thank you for your stories, and also thank you for being so nice to us! May Allah grant you with His kindness as a return!



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