My Woman Crush

So, yesterday Aulia was sending me this picture on whatsapp.

Meet with Malaysia Sweetheart @vivyyusof We'll catch up more often this year..

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These two are my woman crush! I adore Ria Miranda as a Fashion Designer and very well being public figure, and Vivy Yusof as an Entrepreneur who successfully running her business but always down-to-earth!

I firstly know Kak Ria when I work in I know her as a fashion designer who had a very strong feminine character which she implemented gorgeously on her collection. I have love-at-first-sight when I saw Beatnik collection and have one of them in my closet.

And then, I know Vivy Yusof from Kak Ria’s blog. I read her post when she invited to Fashion Valet event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started to googling her and find Kak Vivy blog, PD. I love reading her blog since she had a really good, inspirational (on her own way), and fascinating article about her daily life, her fashion, and her struggle to running a business. It was really a good example for women who want to running a business from the very beginning.

Both of them are still running personal blog. Kak Ria’s blog even just won Asia Influencer Award, parenting category, in Singapore last year. You can read their blog here:

Kak Ria Miranda: || Kak Vivy Yusof:

Wish I could meet both of them in the future!




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