12/01/16 Update

Hi Guys!

How you’ve been doing? Little bit busy over here but still manage to update something on my blog.

here we go agaiiiiin #japanese #kanji #goodluckwiththat

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New Time Schedule format on works

In my work place, I’m not only a Graphic Designer, but also handling website development (In Interface of course, I have not enough brain capacity for HTML). Last year, it was a little bit chaos since the schedule was always come up daily and sometimes I couldn’t hand all of it in a day. So as a solution, I’m asking my schedule to be written straightly for a week, so I can prioritize which one is the heaviest, which one i should start doing little by little, or which one I can put on the last queued since it was easy. So far it works for me.

New Social Project

I am now working to connect one of social project owned by my friend to get some collaboration. It’s still on going so I can’t tell you more but I really excited with this one!

My Art Print to be launched on the middle of the year

After a long evaluation and consideration, I decided to be serious on bring my skills on business. I made production schedule that i will breakdown to be more and more specific on next weekend. Please note considering that I fund this art prints project by myself, the number of art prints will be very limited. So, get yours as soon as i release it, okay? hehehe. I’m also planning to get a booth on Popcon Asia 2016. But for everyone who already have the booth last year, one question: Can you breathe on the Artist Barrack area? I saw the floor plan and I was like mmm okay, how you can get fresh air here?


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.33.13 PM
A 01 or I 17 for sure

Starting learning Japanese (again)

I’ve been learning Japanese since Nov last year, but my Dec class has to be postpone due to large working scope I responsible to. But since everything was slowly getting on schedule, I can allocate time to learning Japanese.

Learning Japanese was not easy. It wasn’t like when I learning German or Korean. The sentence structure are different and sometimes get my brain twisted. I still can’t get a method that simply get me understand Japanese faster yet, but I have watching some video about learning Japanese and he said that you have to keep in your mind that language is a tool, and you don’t learn tools, you use tools. And in order to use it well, you’ve gotta practice *Insert emoticon laughing and crying here*.

So, that’s all from me! I hope everything will running smoothly this year. You will see me a lot this blog and IG since I’m focusing to keeping up with this two. See you on my next post and hopefully you have a good day!




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