Japan Islamic Beauty Trip: Around Shibuya

Assalamualaikum guys!

I want to tell you about my second day in Japan, Tokyo! We are going to….. Shibuya! Today we have shooting mostly for Dian.We are focusing in Dian’s day life. Have you seen the teaser? It’s really cool!

Dian explaining about Hachiko

We are doing some shooting in front of the famous Hachiko statue and of course, Shibuya crossing line. Dian wearings cute outfit from muslim market. We added some extra fur coat for Dian because it’s so cold in Shibuya!

Meanwhile Me and Aulia…..

Shibuya are so… hectic! From the train station we can see how people are non-stop flowing from every corner. Where are they come from?! I was standing in front of Shibuya intersection and realise that this space is so crowded! There’s a lot of interesting store in here! From the big one like Uniqlo, H&M, GAP, to the small one who also selling some cute stuff

Shibuya at night

If you are visiting Japan and put shopping day on your agenda, you don’t have to worry how to carry all your stuff. In every station, there’s a locker that we can rent. The price for renting the locker are cheap. For the small locker (you can put duffle bag and or three shopping bag inside), you can rent it for 300-450 yen. For the bigger one like for  luggage, you can rent it start from 700 yen.

source: http://www.japanrailtravel.com

I have a little time for looking around meanwhile the team doing video shooting. So I’m getting inside Tokyu Department Store and found a cute flower shop called ‘Aoyama Flower Market’.




After we’re finished with Dian’s video shooting in Shibuya, Me, Aulia, Teh Azki, Mbak Intan, Mas Fuad, and Mas Armand, are moving to another shooting location. We are going to meet our muslimah friend in Japan! Are you excited?! Stay tuned for my next Japan Islamic Beauty Trip post only in here!



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