#Thromback, Ria Miranda X Airin Karima Collaboration Collection

source : www.riamirandadiary.com

Assalamualaikum guys!

Have you ever have a dream come true? Have you ever finding yourself crying because your life hit the greatest moment as it’s best

I am sooooooo grateful that i finally get TWO of my dreams come true last year. First, to see my artwork implemented in fashion, and second, seeing it walking down the runway with my own eyes. That’s freaking awesome!

Here’s the history.

On January, I was following a few fashion illustrator on instagram. They are being so update posting fashion sketch, reporting their favorite look on Spring/Summer 2015 era. I was really amazing about how this new creative format of latest fashion coverage was made. It’s open my mind that fashion coverage are not only limited with photo.

I was really interest joining this new style of fashion coverage. Then I come up with idea, how if I make one for the local designer? Local designer are extremely talented!

So I started doodling my favorite look on local designer and posting it on instagram. Why I call it doodling? Because I never thought my drawing was on ‘illustration’ standard. My drawing was just like a colorful silhouette. But yes, I make it as detail as possible and without face because I want the attention are focused on the fashion. It was took around 2 hours for me creating one doodle. I made it with photoshop. I made the doodle in A4 paper format, making the square jpg files, send it to my phone, and then post it to my instagram. I tag the designer i made the doodle of, just to make them see my doodle hehehe.

The appreciation was beyond my expectation! I get so many likes, and the designers leaving a very positive feedback on my post! I feel so waaaaaaw, is this real? So I keep going with this drawing style, and keep posting it on my instagram. Until one Ramadhan day, kak Ria Miranda was re-posting my drawing on her instagram. I was jaw dropping and rushing write her a thank you note on her post. The response was amazing. I was asked to sent an email for opportunity of working together!

So i sent the email, introducing my self formally. They are very warm, so the communication went smooth. I was asked to create a pattern that will be implemented to one of Ria Miranda Spring/Summer collection 2016. They sent me the design proposal no longer after i said yes with some art direction, mood board, and important timeline. So professional!

And… here come the execution time. I spend a lot of time on detail and it took quite long before i found the right composition for the pattern that i think will works. I working on it mostly in lunch time or after office hours. There’s also a time I try to continue my work in taxi (That one was when i pick up a office’s curtain in Thamrin City).

The pattern itself was a form of visual diary about How Ria Miranda journey through her signature pattern. When I create this pattern, not only I was looking through the old photos of Ria Miranda collection, I also read Ria Miranda diary from a very beginning. Knowing how kak Ria journey creating her brand, her personal life, her visions about muslim fashion in Indonesia, her hopes in the future, that help me getting a big picture about her brand.

So I implemented all of them in an artwork that will be used as a fabric pattern on Ria Miranda newest collection. The hard work was paid off when the pattern get approval from Ria Miranda Team.

Ria Miranda Trunk Show (shortly called RMTS) 2016 itself is on 10 Dec 2015. Just a week after I’m back from Japan. The main sponsor are Wardah Beauty and Hijup.com. Wardah Beauty are sponsor for Moeslema’s Japan Islamic Beauty Trip, and Hijup.com are my former working place. So, I meet a lot of friends during RMTS 2016!

I come to RMTS 2016 with Moeslema Team and my family (Mom and little sister. Unfortunately, Dad and big sis have to work). After got our seat, I was just seating quietly, excited yet nervous.

Then… The lights was getting dimmed, and the MC opening the show, thanking everyone who making their time coming to this event, and starting to mentioning sponsor and a lot of person whose involved in RMTS 2016. When the MC said my name, my Mom shake my hand and said, “Congratulation, airin!”

Almost cried at that moment (#DontTellMyMom #WeepyDaughterAlert).

The show was started with Takana collection. And then, on the 2nd part of the show, the models are come up to catwalk with baby pink, baby blue, and english red colored attire.

Everyone, I present you #Thromback. Ria Miranda X Airin Karima Capsule Collection Spring Summer 2016.

source : www.riamirandadiary.com
source : www.riamirandadiary.com

I am dyiiiiiiing for the long cardigan! If you want this collection, you can buy it on Indonesian Fashion Week 2016. The collection will be available in limited stocks. I hardly can’t wait!

You can watch the full video of RMTS 2016 here:




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