The First 3 Days in 2016

Assalamualaikum Guys!

2016 already, eh?

How’s your NYE celebration? Did you watching the fireworks? Did you hang out with some friends? Did you go to public places and celebrate it with the whole citizen?

4 Years ago when one of my Grandma, Eyang Widi, still with us, we always have a little celebration on her backyard. Playing with fireworks, eating some good food, and basically have a good time with your family. But she passed away 3 years ago, and no any special NYE family event was held after that.

So I basically just try to do something in killing time purpose. My choice is… learning Japanese. I will re-starting again my course this January, so I need to redo my learning material or Mira will kill me.

(Of course it was a joke, Mira was super patient with me. Never thought in my life i will find a teacher like her!)

How is this 3 first day in 2016 going? I spend this long holiday with reading a lot of start-up business article in the net. Jimba also gave one for me, the basic managerial one. I try looking some organic way to increasing numbers, how to create creative content, social media schedule that i think will work for my office, and some inspirational article that enlightening my mind. Quite a lot, and i hope it would get inside this tiny brain! *Hope my brain absorb it like a scotch-brite*

I also try to figure it out how to put my instagram on this word press page. I was try to add it from regular admin page, but i don’t know why but it doesn’t works. I almost gave up but Instagram are so important for me nowadays, so I don’t let word press win (so ambitious). I go to wp-admin page and try to add my instagram from there. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, anddddd found it! Ha! That one in widgets menu.

I am now trying to add my twitter timeline. The menu are already showed up but the timeline. Aren’t there. Hmmm word press, don’t try me! It would be far easier if we do this in blogspot, but the word press interface are more attractive in mobile, that’s why i decided to give a try blogging in this place.

I think I have to do my Dzuhur first. It’s already late, aii! #duh

See you on another post!






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