Not That Dory

On the last day of Moeslema’s office day in 2015, I decided to ask the team out for late lunch. We went to one of Chinese restaurant in Kota Kasablanka, the nearest shopping mall from our office. We are getting our seat pretty fast because it was pass the lunch time (normally this restaurant have a long waiting list on peak time).

So, we start ordering foods. Vegie, check. Rice, check. Tofu, check. When we have to order some protein, we ordered a calamari. I also asking for crispy-fried dory because i like that one. Our food coming not long after that. Start from drinks, rice, tofu.

And then the protein line up coming.

The waitress handed us the calamari and the dory. When we place the dory’s plate in front of Fanny, Moeslema’s personal assistant, her face going sad, and then she said, “I can’t eat the dory. They are just too cute…”

I just going haaaaaaaah

The minute later I realize she was thinking of this dory:


I start laughing (sorry Fanny but it was too funny!). But then I google it and show her the dory fish picture, make sure we didn’t decreasing this cute little tropical fish population. She feel so relieved when she know that it’s not the blue one who was ended in the frying pan.

So, from now on there’s no doubt for eating crispy-fried dory, okay Fanny?


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